Friday, January 25, 2013

Avalon continues to grow

Sorry for the rather brief post yesterday.  It seems when I combine lengthy posts with lots of photos, or even not really all that many photos, I have problems trying to get it to publish correctly.  Looks like I might have to adjust my posting regime, from roughly once a week covering everything since the last one, to a shorter post, about one specific topic, more often.

OK, so Avalon had a bit of a breather when I ran out of background fabric.  Then once I had more background, I sort of decided I didn't like the way it was heading... it just bugged me.  So I waited, sewed other things, and pondered.  Finally I unpicked the fabric that I really hated, decided to alter the layout, and decided on a replacement fabric for that patch.  Still didn't like it.  But now I had to try to work the new blocks I had made into the grand scheme, and it all became a bit too much like hard work.

Over the last few days, I've rehashed the layout, played around with fabric ideas for the remaining blocks, crossed my fingers it was all going to work, and continued piecing.

Today (with three blocks remaining partially pieced) I could finally see how it was all going to look on the design wall.

It's hard to see what was causing all the problems - but it seemed like there were too many florals, too many dots, too many greens, and too many pinky oranges all in the same place.  I've added in another blue fabric, and some yellow, which has helped to solve some of the layout problems.  The rest I can live with.

Just a bit more piecing to do, then I can call this top finished! 


  1. This is what I call momentum. Looking great Suz!

  2. I see the smoke coming off your sewing machine!!! You go girl!

  3. I really like where this is going. Good on you for persevering.