Sunday, April 21, 2013

And so progress continues

Four more blocks knocked off the list.

The Temperance Block:

Birds in the Air (some birds were slightly damaged in the construction of this block, damn all those little pointy bits):

Yankee Puzzle Block:

Progress so far:

Those of you with eagle eyes will have noticed that I've removed the less than impressive crazy block.  It is just plain ugly and I'm a bit cross to have wasted this much fabric on it.  Click to make it bigger if you need further proof of it's ugliness.

This string block had the thin yellow strips removed and I'm much happier with it now.

While all these pieces have been put together, Block 17 from the Tokyo subway quilt also got finished as my leader/ender project.  After battling with the triangles, it is so *NICE* to sew squares.

Last up is my quick sketch of a possible idea using the greek cross block with sashing with corner stones... same idea as Ms Lotties Creme Brule quilt click here - just because I'm not allowed to start it yet doesn't mean I can't add it to my sketch book :0)

Using some of this luscious bundle that has a bit of a funny story behind it, can't you just imagine the snowball blocks made out of the bird/floral fabric, and greek crosses madefrom the selection of co-ordinates?   I'd need to buy something for the corners... something to think about anyway.

Like I need anything else to think about...


  1. Mmmmm that birdie fabric looks familiar!
    Did you see the Greek Cross I did for one of my customers?

  2. How well does the 'newspaper' fabric go with everything! My fav block is Birds in the Air - well done with the pointy bits, especially so given how small those pieces are... i'm guessing ~2 inches?

  3. As usual, I love your colours! I can't wait to see your bag finished.

  4. Mmmm, maybe not enough contrast in your improv?

    And yes! Fantastic project for your lovely bundle!

  5. Gosh do you sleep!? And when you are in bed, are you awake all the time thinking about these projects!? I love the new blocks!