Sunday, August 11, 2013

Lights! Camera! Action!


 No, more like sewing! (This only really makes sense if you know that Lights Camera Action Wiggles is the name of a kids TV programme with The Wiggles as the presenters - still in the dark?  Google it!).

My sewing room is in the process of having a bit of an update.  Where I originally had one fluorescent light...

I then had two...

And thanks to some crafty selvedging selvaging... I now have the start of a ceiling happening up there.

No more bug bodies dropping on me when I'm sewing!

While all the tools were out - my sewing table received a recycled set of wheels... (somebody deserves a kiss!)

So I can swivel my table around to suit my requirements...

And my requirements at the moment are to have the design wall exposed to it's full limit - to start to fit this beauty on it.

I'm liking how this one is looking so far

My focus projects for last week had their positive and negative moments.  Like every good Brownie should know... we should always be prepared.  It is very hard to sew a block as a leader/ender when you haven't cut the bits out... 

Piecing: So while I should have been sewing Tokyo Subway blocks in between putting together the start of my Swoon back...

This is the start of my wonderful idea... how to turn a 60x72" piece of fabric into something closer to 85" square.

I instead put together another Modern Sampler Block.

[So this weekend I spent a little bit of time in preparation for next week (when I hope to be putting together Block 21 and 22) ]

Blanket Stitch: I finished the blanket stitch on the left hand panel for Bluebirds and Berries... but didn't have the right hand panel prepared.  Are you seeing a bit of a pattern develop here??

[Friday was spent putting together the stems for the right panel, and today getting the other applique elements stuck down.  So now I'm all ready to get this one blanket stitched next week.]

Hand work: I got almost one side of the binding hand stitched.  It wasn't the greatest week in the hand stitching department - but that's OK.  There is always next week and another project.

What else is happening in the world???

I put together this lovely little bundle...

I have plans for this lot... BIG PLANS
 Poppy and her war wounds.  After surgery on Tuesday, she was back to her normal bouncy self on Wednesday.

Right, to recap the focus projects for this week.

Blanket Stitch: continue with the Bluebirds/Berries BOM second panel.

Piecing: keep going on the Swoon back.  I'm scared that if I stop this one, I might not start again.  And give Tokyo Subway a bit of love.

Hand work: time for the Mystery Stitchery and a bit of back stitch.  Hmmm, maybe I should have spent some time tracing out the pattern for this one???

What are your plans this week?


  1. You sound very organised! And the ceiling is a big winner! I'm planning on getting my Feathers quilt squared off, bound and finished!

  2. I have been away so finally catching up on my blog reading. Are you still waiting to hear about your dog's (Poppy?)biopsy? Looks like you had a fun birthday and treated yourself! Love seeing how all the projects are progressing.

  3. Poor old Poppy.

    But on a happier note, you really do look like you are making progress on all fronts. And I LOVE the colours in your little bundle you've put together.