Tuesday, October 15, 2013

A sort of almost finish and a sort of almost start

Firstly, a big thank you to everyone who has helped out with my problems with Google +, comments not working, and being a no reply blogger all of a sudden.  I switched back to my boring old Blogger profile and switched off the Google + buttons.  Sorry if this has mucked anyone up... but it was just too hard!  Transmissions should now be back to normal.

This week in the sewing shed... we have a sort of almost finish:

Free motion quilting has been occurring.  Enough in fact, that Lola's Medallion is fully quilted!

Although it looks enormous in this photo - it's only 69 x 69".  A mere baby :0)

I think you can see the puff in the applique elements in this one?  And you can also see the triangle pattern on the sashing much better than you do closer up - in fact, you hardly see it at all in real life.

The final decision was to do a ring around the rosy for the pieced corner stones... in the variegated thread that I outlined the triangles with.  Job DONE!

Here's a closeup of the baptist fan pattern after quilting, but before the markings were removed.  I used a Friction Marker... disappears with the touch of the iron.  There has been mixed reviews on this product - it seems to cause problems for those people who live in very cold climates.  I don't think I'll have a problem in Northland, and I'm unlikely to put my quilt into the freezer.

Now I just need to make a decision on the binding... I have the perfect brown... if there were enough!  Need to decide whether to wait and buy more - or throw in a different fabric or two and do a scrappy one.

I also bought a new book... (it's been on my wish list for ages... but I think I just really liked the green chair on the cover :0)

In the middle of which I had an A-Ha! sort of moment... rows of crosses... row of 5 big stars...

Wait a minute... I have something very similar.  This could be the perfect way to turn two WIP projects into just one... isn't that cunning!  I know I could run the world just given the chance :0)

I'd need to do some serious measurements... my blocks are bigger than the instructions - and work out how big the sashing would need to be, and how many of the modern cross blocks I'd need to fill the row... but it is do-able.

That eternal problem of having enough time...BUT - it would be working on an existing project... so it doesn't really count as being a NEW project does it?  So would it be a sort of almost start?

However the rest of the week - I really should focus on catching up with my Tokyo Subway blocks for October, and this weeks Modern Sampler blocks - which I chosen fabrics for, but gotten no further.

What are you up to?


  1. Busy busy! looking grand! Interesting review of the marking pen. There are so many out there with mixed results.

  2. I think you are quite the problem solver! The quilting on your medallion quilt is awesome! I love the green chair too! And...how wonderful to turn a couple of old projects into one great quilt.

  3. I have always loved that quilt from the Shape Workshop book- your blocks will be perfect! And the baby Lola is gorgeous! See, I knew a finish wasn't far away! Go girl!

  4. I say go buy more of the perfect border fabric - anything else would be a shame with the amount of work thats gone into the medallion.
    I really like your idea with the WIP projects. It will look great.

  5. Woohoo - good on you with a quilting finish - it looks great from here!! I love those moments of brainwave and combining projects and off we go - so exciting, of course you can fit it all in :-) I'll be back for sure to see how you get on with your new old project!!

  6. I think your 'not quite a new start' project will be a winner, I like it already. And I'm working on getting through today (William's birthday) and that is more than enough (think knee deep in icing sugar...)

  7. I had to giggle at the thought of putting a quilt in the freezer. ;D I think for some folks, though, the problem with Frixion isn't that it shows up again in freezing temps, but that the chemical remains on the quilt despite washing, and it hasn't been around long enough to know if it's going to cause deterioration over time. But for everyday quilts, yeah - who's gonna put it in the freezer? ;D