Saturday, November 9, 2013

Slow but steady wins the race...

OK, well, I'm not sure about what race I'm on or whether I am any closer to winning - but there HAS been some slow progress in the shed this past TWO weeks.  The sum total sewing that was done last weekend was zilch due to the children deciding to switch bedrooms.  So instead of sewing it was tidying, picking up rubbish, putting rubbish in the bin... and more tidying (have I mentioned that my children are slovenly pigs?).  This meant that I was now a week behind in my Modern Sampler blocks, and had well and truly missed the October deadline for the Tokyo Subway blocks (but that's OK because I know the organisers :0)  Late Sunday I laid out the pieces for Block 23 and chose the fabrics for the next 6 Modern Sampler blocks.

This last week has been "stressful" to say the least, between work and other occurrences.  I haven't had any major focus projects or goals, and haven't even really felt like sewing, but have tried to complete one Modern Sampler block each day, and fit in the Tokyo piecing as a leader ender project.  Short and sweet... I'm happy to report it has worked and I am all caught up... drum roll please!

This block was completed last... I just couldn't cope with all that pink earlier in the week.  But now that it's done, it's OK.  This is the bottom right corner block in the grand scheme of things - in the pink corner obviously :0)

This one is completely different from the colourings in the book... but it suits the surrounding blocks perfectly so I am happy with it.  If only I knew where that teeny tiny floral fabric came from... it irritates me that I have scraps that have appeared from nowhere... it is true that they multiply by themselves?

... and I've laid out and started block 24

... and embroidered one very cute set of eyes and lashes... just a wee smile to add and this little lady will be all done (just eight more to go)!


  1. She is a little doll, isn't she?! Hers to a less stressful week and more productive sewing time!

  2. Good on you for catching up :-) Sometimes you just got to go with the flow - here's for a less stressful and even more productive week (and weekend). (Yes, my scraps have their own special breeding programme too!)

  3. Love the cute little ladies. I remember 'swapping kids rooms weekends' they were an all weekend affair!

  4. Lots of progress - it's great to see your different blocks :)

  5. Will look forward to seeing a progress shot of your design wall with your sampler blocks laid out soon. I'll keep my eyes peeled for the pink!