Friday, March 31, 2017

Sugar Club and Baby Quilt

More progress this month... another Sugar Club block upsized!

And well on the way to getting a second block under way:

As the fabric stash dries up, it is important to keep a good selection of fabrics available for the last few blocks to be upsized.  I have already run out of some of the fabrics, so to ensure that I don't just have beige fabrics left... I have all the fabrics spread out so I can easily see whether I have more fabric available to cut more trianges... or whether what is there is the last of it.

I have another baby quilt to make, and this time thought I would use this pattern of Amy Gibson's (the sugar club designer), using blocks out of her Cookbook block book.

I chose this fun elephant fabric for the centres of the blocks, and for the striped section on the alternate blocks.  Then I added co-ordinating fabrics and made a rough placement, with turquoise fabrics in opposite corners, and purpley fabrics in the other corners.

After my epic fail with the last quilt from "adding fabrics willy-nilly", I double checked that these guys all went together nicely.  Yip... this is fine.

And so we have the first block all made up! 

I altered the block design a bit so that there is a frame around the central square, instead of it being a square in a square block, and instead of quarter square triangles making the Ohio star, I pieced triangles onto the corner squares, and made the block more like the star blocks that are made with flying geese.  I felt like this gave me better pressing options, and it turned out really crisp.

Can't wait to make the other blocks!


  1. Love those chartruese and purples together!

  2. Love the makings of the baby quilt!

  3. It looks like the black and white photo gives lots of room for your imagination to play colour-wise....looking good.... there's lots of babies up your way at the moment!!