Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Checking in before the month ACTUALLY finishes

Sometimes I just don't know where the times goes.

One minute the month is only starting... the next, a small tummy upset seemed to unsettle the entire quilting world, and totally threw me off stride.  However, chipping away at the small jobs has actually resulted in some progress!

Deciding that I was ready to start quilting the new baby quilt meant actually finding a space to baste it, and freeing up my Brother machine to do the FM quilting.  Mini goals... first up I completed and blanket stitched the Tillies Lane applique blocks for this month, freeing up the machine so that I could change feet.

Using the scraps from the baby quilt was a nice touch I think.

I whipped up the three sections of the upsized sugar club block that was taking up half the floor, and got the baby quilt pinned out in no time.  A bit of dedicated stitching later... (a good ten days), I'm ready to start binding.

I used a white bobbin fill in the top and bottom... I'm pretty sure is is one of the Invisifil varieties... but of course, a lot of these threads have no identifying marks once they are started.  I like to call this my "Ronan Keating" thread... you quilt is best... when you quilt nothing at all.  It gives terrific texture, but the thread just melts into the surface, and is very forgiving.

With spirals in all the white areas, apart from around the elephant centres, which have pebbles.

A bit of echo quilting holds down the grey triangles, but the other coloured triangles were left unquilted.

And an interlocking boxes motif on the print fabric borders...

 ... and the same on the header and footer borders...

 So yay, the baby quilt is quilted!  I'm go glad you can see the quilting in this photo... because it sure never showed up on the camera screen.

Other progress has been a bit hit and miss.  With a couple of weeks off with school holidays, I figured there was plenty of time to get to some of the other projects.  Today I have finished up one of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge blocks using multicoloured fabric scraps (surprisingly I struggled to find these fabrics in my scraps!)

These are 3" cut squares:

And I've cut but not yet pieced a "catch up with a previous months colour" purple block, which has 4.5" square units.


  1. Multicolored patches, multicolored blocks, AND a multicolored quilt? Nice work!!

  2. Your fabric choices and applique are very modern! Very consistent and well planned. This quilt is very appealing and the quilting is varied and interesting. I used invisafil 100 wt on a quilt. It quilted very nicely-looked excellent and I had no problems.

  3. Hi, Suz! Wow - that baby quilt is wonderful. Nice quilting job there. Good to see another Tillie's finished - I'm in that whip-through-the-little-project mode, myself, so I can change out machine feet and table stuff. :)