Wednesday, May 31, 2017


I've not really been AWOL, maybe MIA would be a better description, because I have been busy and am excited to share the end of month progressions... and goals for next month.

With a clear floor, I spent a few hours pinning my Stack, Shuffle and Slide quilt, which has now been moved to a "holding zone" awaiting quilting. Perhaps once the blanket stitch station is free, I can get this one started.

With the last of the Sugar Club blocks upsized.  Yes, you read right... the LAST BLOCK, I have had it laid out on the floor and closely scrutinized, to get the perfect layout.  I may never sew another half square triangle.

And I've been cutting, pinning and sewing the sashing strips and blocks together.  Only one lonely block to attach now, and then the last row to sew... then it's just the final plain border!  I always underestimate the time it takes to get this stage finished... it just seems to take for-ever!

Getting away from machine piecing, I took the last My Tweets block to my monthly sewing session at my favourite patchwork shop - The Country Yard.  Although I didn't finish it all up there... there was a bit of cutting and ironing at home too... I did get the block constructed over the weekend.

And I'm all ready to tackle the blanket stitch as part of my June goals.

I decided to sash my blocks a bit differently to the pattern, so I've got a narrow 1/4" dark border framing the blocks, then a mid toned 3/4" frame.

A close up of the fabrics!  It is a bit fiddley doing the narrow borders, but as I don't have enough of the dark fabric to waste - I am being extra careful, and with the help of my friendly spray starch, so far so good.

I've selected a few other fabrics that will suit being sashing... both being somewhat mid toned and large enough!

My Tillie's Lane large applique block for June is this one, plus a small applique and 24 hour glass blocks.  I've got two done already!

I need to get my VQR blocks finished as Monika is ahead again... there are only two blocks left, so this will be my first priority to get finished this month.

Also on the radar are the RSC blocks... still don't know what colour June will be, so will keep you posted.

And, I have high hopes to get another dress finished up.  You won't believe it but I actually bought another fabric.  Once the Sugar Club blocks are cleared from the open floor space - I think it will be time to pin out another pattern.  Can't wait.

Sounds like it's going to be another busy month doesn't it?


  1. Stack Shuffle and Slide doesn't want to go in the 'holding pile' too long.........Sugar Club sure is a pretty quilt, very feminine, I look forward to seeing how you quilt both these quilts. All in all great progress, you must be delighted.............w-a-y more progress than me :-(

  2. It sure does sound like some busy times ahead! But you know what I say....'Better busy than bored"! Sugar Club looks fabulous- well worth all those HSTs!

  3. You done good! And all those HST were worth it, Sugar Club is stunning. Like the narrow dark border on Tweets - just perfect.

  4. Boy, do I love all this work. :) Each project calls to me - really enjoying seeing them progress.