Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Fabric, books and blocks!

I finally found some striped fabric I liked... with the intention of sewing another Tilly and the Buttons Coco Dress.

BEWARE of bargain fabric from Spotlight!  Check out that cutting line, that was approximately where the straight was on the folded bolt!  I washed and dried the fabric, giving it a spin in the dryer to help remove all the fold lines.  Then spent some time with my chalk marker and traced out the full pattern, flipping the pattern pieces instead of cutting on the fold.  It worked a treat and now I just need to take photos of the finished dress.

I have also added to my pattern stash.  I succumbed to these sewing with knits books, even though i struggle to find knitted fabric i like and can afford, and i really like these Indygo Junction patterns for woven fabric, and hope they turn out something like the pictures.

On the patchwork agenda, I completed two new cupcake blocks.  These are made with 1.5in finished half square triangles making a 6in finished block.  This time I tried using three charm squares plus background and I really like the effect.

The blocks use exactly the same layout with a couple of colour adjustments.  Amazing how different they look.

Now to add on the three frames to make them into a 12in block like these ones.


  1. Well done on the continued wardrobe sewing! Nice to have some patterns there ready for when the right fabric comes along :-) Cute little cupcake blocks..I do love the colours you are using.

  2. I'm impressed with your stretchy sewing! I look forward to seeing your latest garment finish! Your blocks are great too!

  3. Some cool clothing sewing coming from you soon. Nice blocks....very fresh..........

  4. Love the new patterns from Indygo Junction. I think it is pretty hard to find nice knit fabrics too. Rayon batiks are really taking off in the quilt shops around me. We are having such nice weather, I haven't touched a sewing machine in weeks and I was thinking I should work on clothing when I do finds some time to sew. Clothing projects are usually quicker projects than quilts.

  5. I've noticed that most spotlight fabrics have dodgy cutting lines, hopefully I'm making on the deal. If you are ever in Auckland,during the week or on a Saturday, visit Nick's FAbrics or The Fabric Shop, in Otara for knit fabrics. Very reasonably priced and lots of merino at the latter.

  6. It never ceases to amaze me how different blocks can look with different colour placements. Makes me think I should do a whole quilt with one complex block coloured differently each time.