Sunday, December 9, 2012

Introducing the L.U.C.Y Bag

Perfect for a medium sized girl having a birthday whose name happens to be Lucy.  All ready for her party next weekend.

Here we have Nadia graciously modelling the bag which is plenty big enough for trips to the beach... shops... overnight sleepovers etc.

This is about the only gracious thing Nadia has done this weekend... talk about grouchy!!

I used a cotton batting and straight line quilted the panels before sewing it all together... the straight line sewing (plus conferring with Nadia regarding design and colour placement) took longer than any other part of the construction.
Also on the agenda this week was getting a little something organised for my work secret santa gift exchange on Tuesday.  Noodlehead's zippered pouch tutorial click here seemed like a sensible match for the QAYG log cabin block I had prepared earlier...

As my zip was the exact same length as the pouch measurements, I wasn't able to experiment with the zip hanging out the side like the tutorial describes... will have to give this a go another time.  As an aside, I basically modified the instructions to create the Lucy bag above... great basic bag/pouch instructions.

Did anybody notice that I did a little link thing... all by myself... first time ever :-)  Aren't I getting good?


  1. See, you can do that 'linky' thing! And your bag and pouch are great! Sorry Nadia is not 'playing nice'!!

  2. Busy beaver! Both the bag & zipper pouch are neat. Well done on the linky thing. Have the school holidays started for your kids yet?

  3. Great sewing Suzanne - and thanks for the link!!! I'm sure both those gifts will go down well.

  4. Nice! I'm sure both gifts will be most appreciated. It's about time I learned to put in a zipper without having palpitations, so I might have a go trying this (especially seeing as you so thoughtfully provided a link!).