Friday, December 28, 2012

WIP Wednesday, Friday - tomato, tomatoe...

As we rock along with another holiday day, could be Wednesday, could be Thursday, but I'm pretty sure it's Friday today.

Progress in the sewing shed.

Avalon Quilt - ran out of backing fabric.   As the pattern says you need over 3 yards, it was unlikely I would have been able to squeeze by with 1 metre.

On to project number Two.

Made In Cherry quilt - currently being quilted.   You know, I probably started this top sometime about a year ago.

Following Leeann's inspiration, I have quilted the orange peel pattern around the squares using a khaki/cream variegated Gunnold thread - I love the secondary pattern you get from this design.

Unlike Leeann, I have begun quilting feathery and swirly designs in the background areas - a good chance to practice my feather quilting and work out how to use a feather to fill an area.

From the front

From the back

For the backing, I used a selection of metre and half metre pieces of these related floral fabrics from one of Robyn Pandolph's lines, then threw in a piece of a khaki heath fabric I had picked up as an oddment to fill a little gap.  I couldn't really get a photo that I was happy with.

Love this quilty texture


  1. I'm so impressed with your machine quilting skills! The feathering is lovely! And the backing is perfect too!

  2. Love your feathers :-). Mine always look wonky so I unpick them ! I also like your pieced back.

  3. The feathers are perfect. Did you plan the feathers out before starting? I am really impressed with how well you filled the spaces - something I struggle with.

  4. I am also impressed with your machine quilting...and glad you went with the dark grey on the Avalon quilt.

  5. You're making great progress on your Cherry quilt!! Lovely quilting!! Janet sure looks like she has it sussed! Funny how the backing for quilt#1 ran out...(I guess you were hoping the instructions had been extra generous in their allowance!)

  6. i just get done swearing that i'll finish up my UFO's in 2013, and then i stumble on your post and it reminds me that i want to make a made in cherry quilt. i really, really want to make one. maybe i'll have to bargain with myself if i finish a few old projects first :)