Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A few more blocks, and a bit of pondering

These are addictive!

Block 7

Block 8

Block 9

I've been doing other sewing too... promise.  I chose this quilt as my ALYoF goal this month, and I want all these individual blocks to become one by the end of the month.  First off, I needed to complete the blocks, and deciding on a four x four layout meant I was that much closer to finishing.  But I'm not too sure about the circle block (which still needs a background btw), and I don't really want to do any of the other blocks from the BOM programme.  I could always throw in a friendship star to fill in that empty space couldn't I?

Other than that, I'm still undecided about the final layout.  Here I tried to alternate predominantly green blocks with predominantly blue blocks.  But there are always the curly ones that want to fit into both categories.  I also need to share the grey and red accents around - and have a good balance between heavier blocks and lighter blocks... not sure if I've completely succeeded yet or not.  Will try some more layouts and come back to you on this one.

Onto a completely different project - pulling fabrics for the Kim McLean workshop at Taupo Symposium.  Remember, this is a needleturn applique class which I have chosen to use the Flower Pots Pattern:

I'm going to concentrate on one of the large vertical panels. Kim's original designs use a lot of Kaffe Fasset fabric (something that is not in my stash at all) and have a rather wild/anything goes sort of flamboyance about them.

Somehow the fabric I've pulled just seems a bit flat and nondescript.  I chose fabrics that had interesting shapes on them, suitable for various parts of flowers and leaves.  Unfortunately the course instructions don't give any idea of what sorts of fabric to bring.  Again, not sure if I've hit the mark with this selection (although it looks better than the ugly pile I pulled yesterday).  Looks like this participant is going to be hitting the merchant stalls come symposium time! 


  1. It's always a bit of a dilema choosing fabric for a workshop, not having any real guidelines! You will probably come home and look at your stash in a whole new light, so don't go mad buying too soon! Just take enough to get you started (and maybe some for swapping too!)

  2. I like your selection. It's very YOU. And I presume you're making this quilt for yourself and not for Kim? So choose the fabrics which you like, not ones you think she'd choose :P And yes, there will be plenty of shopping at the merchant's mall.