Wednesday, March 19, 2014

In which Monday becomes Tuesday becomes Wednesday

After a less than stellar week last week... when I ended up doing absolutely no sewing... didn't even enter the shed... I planned to jump right into machine quilting the robot quilt on Saturday.  Unfortunately Cyclone Lusi had other ideas, with power cuts for the better part of the day.  So I ended up changing the lounge around to a new winter layout... better day time light... and cleaning up the resulting mess.  Do you know how dirty it gets under your sofa???  Luckily we had brief periods of power when the vacuum was heavily used :0)  While I like the new layout, other members of the household are not so keen... because you need to turn your head to watch the TV.  Any guesses which member of the family that would be???

Sunday was day of the robot... as was Monday... and now Wednesday.  Lots and lots of wiggling... otherwise known as meandering or stippling... but I think of it as wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, turn, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, turn.

Lots of lovely texture

This is the last area to be stippled.  But you guessed it... I've run out of bobbin fill!  Kerryn!!

And then it will be onto the border quilting... I'm thinking of an interlocking square pattern, and binding!

 I am going to reward myself for being so committed to getting this one done.  Because I can.  So... my carrot will be to complete another one of these delicious blocks.  Since I have no bobbin fill... I might just need to start laying it out tomorrow.... hmmm... now where did I put that project??


  1. Those colours in that block are absolutely gorgeous!

  2. Oh yay! An update from Suz! Have been missing you. We didn't get any power cuts just a flicker or two. But glad you got some quilting done on Sunday. And I think you totally deserve your carrot!

  3. Your wiggle quilting looks great- very even! Your carrot is well deserved - and very pretty!

  4. The wiggle does look good with the robots, what a fun quilt that is! Hope you had fun with the carrot block (or did it become blocks?!)

  5. Groovie wiggles baby! it's a bummer when you run out of thread!