Sunday, March 23, 2014

Skipping Friday and Saturday...

... and then we have Sunday.

I finished up my Feathered Star block... isn't she lovely?

A little bit closer reveals a cream on cream print as the background.  For a really traditional block - it has a very contemporary feel, achieved simply from the eclectic fabric selection.

I've spent a couple of days revisiting the Berries and Bluebirds quilt top that I had started enlarging by adding extra borders.  Next time I promise to just leave things be!

Sometime in the dim distant past, I attached applique panels to the sides... and lost the mojo for the top and bottom borders.  This weekend the mojo got a bit of a shake up... and I'm away again.

Little Missy Moo has been persevering with her own blocks... and making progress on the design wall.  And check out her little machine!  There is only three more of these cross blocks to do... and then I need to work out what to do next.  The pressures of being a mother/daughter sewing duo!


  1. Little missy moo is going great! So is her mumma! Aren't Gail Pans designs lovely. I have just finished another of her great designs.

  2. Nice to be one step closer to having "Berries and Bluebirds" finished! The Feathered Star is gorgeous too!

  3. 'tis a lovely block, that feathered star. And whilst the cream background is nice, the closeup reveals the perfect points you've achieved!
    I like how little miss' blocks are progressing, she'll be a master quilter yet.