Friday, July 11, 2014


I finished off the last gumboots on the final stitchery block.  This was a design I drafted from a photo I took of our actual gumboots.

 Gumboots are a bit like noses - they are really hard to draw.

These really are my gumboots - cool aye?

 As I had some boots that were on awkward angles, I did some individual photos of some of them to try and square them up nicely.  Then printed out the photo, and used a clear sheet (like OHP transparencies or clear file covers which are used with binding coils) to trace an outline drawing with a fine tipped marker (excuse the writing underneath the clear page - this is the kids to do list for the holidays, and was the only bit of paper I could find).

Then I lined up the boots in the order I wanted, after doing a few sizing adjustments on the copier, and reprinted it.

I used some of the design elements which were in the original block - the hearts, butterfly and flower - which helps to tie the design back to the other blocks.

I've had visions of these blocks being surrounded by a variety of pieced blocks - different sizes, different styles... with filler strips tucked in here and there as necessary.  I chose one of the irregular grid layouts on EQ7 as a starting point - and then decided it was all a bit hard. To make these nine blocks into a bed sized quilt involves a lot of sewing... following the instructions that came with the blocks would be a whole heap easier.  So I spent a few days thinking about it.  Having no power for three days gave me lots of time to think!

Today, as the rain and wind has continued (but at least the power was back on), I moved my cutting mat and sewing machine into the house, pulled out a block book, and set to it.  The fabric that came with the BOM is mostly 2.5" jelly roll strips, with a few larger pieces.  I also had some matching fabric in yardage amongst the stash, and another French General range jelly roll that I can always break open if required.

So far...

I've just been choosing blocks that I like, and steering clear of anything too complicated.  I might try and incorporate the narrow stitcheries with words on them as part of a signature block.  I'm really enjoying just finding a block, choosing some fabrics without being too controlling, and just cutting and then sewing them up.  If my Saturday girls make it to my place tomorrow... this is what I'll probably be doing. 

There we go... a post about one project - how often does that happen?


  1. Pretty informative post of your rainy, rainy, rainy, rainy days project! looks good from where I am sitting.

  2. This is going to be lovely Suz ! Give me a shout out if you need any more fabric! I have some of that beige floral in your last photo and have never found a use for it! I think I have half a metre at least!

  3. Cool to see where the inspiration for the gumboots came from!! Well done :-)