Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Nuances of Light and Dark

The kids made up a To Do list for the holidays.  Of course, the powercut, then the flooding, then the blocked main arterial roads have put a bit of a damper on things... but we have managed to tick off a few items:

No 3: Do some baking.  Made Amy Gibson's chocolate chip cookies yesterday with Dylan, and a Takaka Ginger Crunch (that came up as a google search) with Nadia.

No 9: Make own dinner.  Pizza night - so the industrious duo were chopping onions, salami, ham steaks, opening the pineapple tin, chopping mushrooms and grating cheese.  All I had to do was make the base, supervise even sprinkling, and put it in the oven.

No 12: Go to the library.  Never a problem for me :0)

Tomorrow we'll cover No 15: Go to a friends house, when we go to visit Charlotte.

Steps to the altar

The blocks just keep on coming, I can add some 12" blocks to the list.  I've unrolled the other French General jelly roll that's been sitting in the stash for a few years - Lumiere de Noel.  It has the same red as the Chateau Rouge prints, and  a very similar style.  It adds heaps more cream and beige tone on tone prints to the mix, which gives me a lot more flexibility.

Antique tile
One of the problems of working with a jelly roll is that, if you were choosing the fabric yourself, you wouldn't necessarily of chosen all of those fabrics, to go with all of those fabrics.   In fact, I'm sure that the designers didn't make the different colourways with the intention of sewing them all together.  What do you really do with 7 different red on red prints?

I found that my blocks were becoming a bit harsh, either with very strong light and dark contrast, or tending to go a bit Darth Vaderish... towards the dark side.  While there is nothing wrong with that (unless you are Luke Skywalker), this wasn't the way I envisioned the final quilt looking.

Hourglass I

I'm a lot happier about the subtle nuances of colour I can now include.  See, this block has the same floral feature fabric... but a much softer feel.  These will slot nicely in amongst the other ones I have made.

Grandmother's Choice

Old Maid's Puzzle

Texas star

Coxey's army - well, pretty much - I had to make a few adjustments due to fabric limitations

Do you have a favourite block?

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  1. Still looking good despite all your frustrations! I have some of that beige print from the last photo! Maybe I should send you a photo of what I have, in case you need it?

  2. Lovely blocks! I think my favourite is the Texas star. I love the way the red pops!