Wednesday, March 25, 2015

A bit of an update

Two weeks from when I started, I finally made it out to my first corner - starting from the centre of the quilt and focusing on the bottom right hand corner.  I was amazed it was taking so long, but the corner just seemed to keep getting further and further away and I just kept quilting and quilting and quilting.  Something was going on here.  A bit of a breather, pause and reflection - I realised that because the quilt blocks are set on point, the natural inclination was to continue quilting along the block lines, in a general diagonal direction.  So while I may have only just finished my first corner - I managed to quilt practically half the quilt in the meantime! 

I also started the hand quilting that I wanted to add... loving it!  As it is a secret project I can't reveal too much - but this should give you a hint.

My rustic hand quilting is neither straight nor even... but I love the definition it gives.  I have been using an Aurifil 12wt cotton thread which suits this chunky quilting style.

My good friend who attended Quilt Symposium in January treated me to a quilty tea towel souvenir.
Little quilty quips... although being white it won't last long in my kitchen, but looks quite at home hanging on my design wall at present.

 Some a bit closer up... makes me think we are a bit of a smutty lot... "quilters do it with a walking foot" just sounds like we have some sort of fetish... but then again, we probably do.  "Quilters do it in the Car" has me rather stumped.  What do we do in the car?  Am I missing something obvious?  Any ideas???

And while we're on the subject of funny little phrases... this is the sign I recently bought for our littlest room.  Although I might need to add "and put the old roll into the bin" to make it a perfect world.

With the colder weather creeping up, it was finally time to sneak a second quilt on the bed.  I just knew that it was finally time for Bluebirds and Berries to get its time in the sun.

I think you can tell that the border size was chosen to cover this size bed!  It is a perfect fit.

And you can also see the dimension from the quilting... although the outer applique border is quilted with a tone on tone thread, it really shows up wonderfully in this light.


  1. So pretty! Love that quilt! And I presume we do hand binding in the car. At least that's what I do....anyone do any thing else they'd like to share?!

  2. Your latest bed quilt looks gorgeous! From what I see on IG, there's a lot of seeing going on in cars all over the world! EPPing, binding, hand quilting- if you can do it on your couch you can do it in the car! ( now that sounds naughty too!)

  3. That should read 'sewing' not seeing!!!

  4. What a lovely surprise to have quilted more than you thought!! Fun tea towel- no, I don't 'do it' in the car (that's crochet time) but I 'have it' in the car instead!! Your bed looks gorgeous done up in its autumn/winter outfit :-)

  5. B&B looks amazing on your bed!

  6. P.S.....just thought THAT might sound smutty! I meant Bluebells & Blueberries QUILT!!!!!