Monday, August 27, 2018

Another week of August!

*Gasp* does this mean I might actually get the rest of my To Do list finished??

For some reason I feel like I have a bonus week.  Another week of odd moments of sewing, plus a sewing day at my favourite shop The Country Yard, and I have managed to get the RSC Orange block completed...

And I *accidentally* did another months worth of blocks in the Timeless Traditions BOM, with the 12" block...

And the two 6" blocks...

Just quietly, I seem to be addicted to these blocks and I'm thinking that this project could easily push all the other projects to the side.

This weekend I even managed to get my sleepout/sewing space vacuumed and the bathroom floor cleaned and four loads of washing done!  What a bonus.  All that is left on my list now is to do the black outlines on three Backyard Birds blocks, and complete the hand quilting on seven crosses (Cross Tiles)... very do-able if I don't get distracted.

In a bit of an aside... I am currently trialing the "Flatter" solution which you spray on your block before ironing... to make the seams flatter.  After a few test sprays, I am thinking that it does actually work and they do seem to sit flatter!  Which is just really totally weird, but if it works... I figure go with it!

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