Friday, November 9, 2012

Bulls eye - double disappearing 9 patch quilt

OK the quilting is finished.  Stolen moments throughout the week have been spent going around and around, desperately trying to maintain "the curve" (more successful in some areas than others) - but it's DONE.  A total of 41 charm squares on the front.

This was the starting point for the quilting.  A handy bowl formed the initial circle shape.  Although the placement appears random from the front...

It all makes a lot more sense from the back.  And there is the 42nd charm square!

I am not a natural walking foot user - I'm not sure where my problem stems from, whether it's a basting issue, or just a ME issue.  But I used all my quilting pins that I own - even more than I used in the cat quilt which is quite a bit bigger... and there were still a few areas where the top shifted throughout the process.  The good thing about the circles is that you don't need to cross over existing quilting lines - so no puckers or weirdo bits - I just kept flattening out the surrounding area and pushing out the excess quilt top to the sides.  It still looks square and straight - so I consider that  success.  Binding will be finished at the next available moment and this can go on the FINISHED pile.  Whew!

The next quilt top waiting to be quilted is my Made In Cherry quilt.  It has been sitting waiting for quilting inspiration that has been sadly lacking.  Reading through Leanne's blog about quilting her second Made In Cherry quilt - and quite liking her quilting by the way - I am determined that this shall be the next victim.  Although I carted the top all the way through the Festival of Quilts merchants area looking for wide backing - I didn't find any - it wasn't until well after I was home I realized that Stitchworks probably had samples of their wide backs.  Anyhow, this afternoon I had a good old search through my stash and I think these florals will work OK - they have a sort of vintage feel to them which suits the front.  I just need to work out how they will all go together to make the right size.


  1. Good for you, for getting that quilt finished! It looks fabulous! DId you get dizzy? And a pieced backing for the Made in Cherry, hey!? I don't know what's worse, piecing a backing or paying for a whole piece!

  2. Your quilt looks amazing! I love the quilting and am so happy to see you got through it! Love that red square on the back center- perfect!! Beautiful job!

  3. VERY nice! I really like it! Did you go for one circle in the end?

  4. Looks great! You are on a roll now.....P.S I really like the pieced back of this one.

  5. Slowly integrating myself back into the real world, starting with catching up on blogs. Quilting looks amazing! So effective.

  6. I was just reading the end of this post and thought "oh I have to have a look at that blog and see how she quilted her 'Cherry Quilt'" Then I realised you meant me!! I know I'm nuts