Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A bit of random this and that

It was a quiet weekend on the quilting front.  Dylan had been invited to a friends birthday activities, and we decided to give the birthday boy a quilt of Dylan's that he was no longer enamored with.  I'm not really sure whether this is the done thing or not - but it was freshly washed, and in the spirit of recycling - and my hope that it could be loved by another small body, we wrapped it up and hoped for the best.  It seemed to be accepted by both the child and the mother, so hopefully all was OK.  What is your opinion?

Anyway, before it got wrapped up, I thought I had best take some photos for posterity - as this was finished well before I got into this blogging business.  This quilt started when my kids were allowed to choose one fat quarter at various quilting shops as a way of sneaking a bit more browsing time for me... after all, they had to choose the best fat quarter.  It could take quite some time.  I did manage to purchase an awful lot of fabric in that time! 

As time went on, it appeared that Dylan's choices all had a bit of a repeating theme - although they struggled to fit into a particular pattern, design or colour combination.  This just goes to show - you can make a quilt out of anything!

Courthouse steps blocks with a few random plain squares to highlight the fabrics

Quilting on the log cabins - a wiggly spiralling line through the logs forming the spine for a "big bump/little bump" echo back to the beginning.  Easier to do than to explain!

The feature fabrics had a regular spiral quilted as the spine, then the same echo.

The backing - a cheap and cheery NZ print - kiwi, tuatara, pukekos etc

The centre of the log cabins featured fussy cut farm machinery at work, cut from a panel

While I was at it, I also took a few photos of the Log Cabin Stars quilt that has resided on the bed all year so far, and I still love.

And Nadia has been busy with the stitching kit she won at The Country Yard.  She chose her embroidery threads herself - pink, purple and royal blue... and is practicing her back stitch.  I marked dots to indicate the position of the stitches and she's doing a great job.  Luckily there are not too many letters!

Other than that - I've been hand sewing the binding on the Bulls Eye Quilt and it is looking grand.  I've also completed another couple of circles on the Denyse Schmidt circle quilt... so only two more circles to go and it will be ready to sash... progress!!


  1. Hey great stitching Nardia!! She'll be back next to win another spot prize!
    I think you gave a lovely gift, the fact that your son was happy to pass on is a special thing.....more of this giving needs to take place, it's about the 'thought that counts'.....not how much it cost etc. That's just my opinion.
    nice to see your log cabin stars at home.

  2. Nothing wrong with a quiet quilting weekend! A chance to re-group and re-focus before the Christmas rush!

  3. Good on Nardia with her stitching :-)
    I think it's a neat idea that Dylan recognised the value in his quilt as a worthy gift for a friend. Any doubt about a 'second hand gift' would be dispelled after reading this post and seeing how meaningful the quilt is. Glad you took the time for a photo shoot before it went on its merry way!