Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Even more random than last time

What to start with?

So much has been going on which has almost nothing to do with patchwork or sewing.  However I did manage to get the last two circles of this one cut and sewn. 

 This is the layout I've decided on... let me know if the placement annoys you, like, is it OK to have those three red segments in the bottom row... however having that dark grey square set off centre is non-negotiable.  Just saying.

Then I went to the chemist on a totally unrelated mission and found a lady doing free nail painting... this has had a bit of a chance to wear off, but you get the gist of it... and I fell for the sales pitch and added a few things to Nadia's Xmas present haul.  Well, I think it will be a "for sharing" sort of present.

Nadia managed to step on a nail on Sunday - a huge nail.  She has a very nice hole in the bottom of her foot which is full of pus.  But on the good side she's on antibiotics and pain killers and is getting bored with being at home, because she's not sick in the slightest - and I think that pus is clearing up.  If we can manage to get her walking instead of hopping, she can go to school tomorrow.  At this stage, that is a big IF.  She is pretty stubborn.

While yesterday disappeared in a haze of appointments... today is beautiful outside, and reminded me about the material and pattern I bought for Nadia a while back (when it was still cold and horrible).  After about an hour of cutting and sewing, I have a finished reversible top!

I have enough of the paisley fabric to cut the front skirt bit of the skort, and we've decided on a solid peacock colour for the rest of the shorts.  But after this burst of activity - I'm happy to put that onto hold until the weekend.

On the home front, we finally (after 3 years of it being on the To Do list) started painting our house.

Original colour

New colour - chosen to match our existing coloursteel sheds (not just because we wanted boring cream!)

Oh well, washing is calling out to me...


  1. First up - cool nails!! And Nadia's tops are so cute - well done sewing mummy. Your circles are coming along - I didn't notice the placement of the reds as there are lots of them really but I did notice the yellows - are they clumped centre-quilt? Woohoo with the house painting, summer must be on the way!!

  2. Love the randomness...of the post and the quilt layout! Sweet top for Nadia! And the house painting is a job and a half...good luck!

  3. Have you squinted at your layout through an old-style viewfinder on a camera - that always picks out the bits that don't fit in for me. I think the layout looks good at the mo - but you could always bring it on Friday so we can see it in real life! House colour looks good too, always makes such a huge change for relatively little effort.

  4. great nails! Ouch for Nardia............the circle blocks are looking good.

  5. I think the layout looks great. I really like that single block with the darker background - that's a great touch!

  6. I love the blocks, and your nails are gorgeous! very cool :)

  7. Hey, those circles are really cool!

  8. I think the circle quilt looks just fine. I wouldn't change it a bit. Ouch! Sorry to hear about your daughter's accident. So glad she is on medicine.

  9. Love the circles! I think I would switch the top left with the one below it and the bottom left with the bottom right. Of course if you leave it like it is it will still look fantastic.