Tuesday, September 10, 2013


It's all coming back to me... the border options... should I do this?

Polka dots - the original plan
 Or this?
A dark brown tone on tone
 Or this?
The brown as a frame, with a black/white crosshatch

Hmmm, does it look better from a distance?  I started to feel that every border was being contained by a "solid" frame... and that I needed a bit more space.

OK, what about with just the black/white crosshatch?  Not too dark, not too light - a nice bit of space... hmm??

Yip - Thunder Birds A Go!

Love me a bit of sketch

One border on... just three more to go... but what shall I do for the cornerstones?  Oh, dear, more decisions.  I'm starting to remember why this project went onto the back burner all those months ago.  But I'm really happy with how it's looking, and now that I've committed to a direction - it should progress quite quickly.  I'm only planning a feature fabric border around this one, so it is possible this could actually get finished.  Wouldn't that be exciting - after all, it's only been a couple of years or so in the making :0)

I even tidied my fabric cupboard in an effort to put off making decisions.  It didn't help, but at least I can see inside the cupboard again :0)

Having a wander around the wilderness that is our garden, it seems spring is here!  Bulbs and blossoms...

Last year this tree had one lonely fruit on it - I'm not even really sure what it was, perhaps a nectarine.  This year it is absolutely covered in flowers.

This wee peach tree is just over a metre tall...

And it's covered in these beautiful flowers - summer in the orchard might just be tasty this year!

And the livestock girls...


  1. I love the "Sketch" in the border! I would do the one on the other side, and then when completing the other two sides, have a + (cross) of it in the corners. Does that make sense? I look forward to seeing what you end up doing!

  2. I would have voted for the sketch so glad to see you read my mind and went with it ;) But don't ask me what to do in the corners. And what a pretty chicken!!

  3. Woohoo - great you made a decision and a lovely project. Lovely spring photos, haven't we had some beautiful days?

  4. Love that sketch border. What you did is exactly what I would have suggested.
    I like the idea of Suz (Patchwork and Play) for the corners. You could also appliquè a circle onto the corners where the sketch strips meet.
    Your spring pictures are beautiful!

  5. It is a great quilt so far. Looking forward to seeing the rest.

  6. Love this! Hi to "the girls"...miss having mine :(

  7. Your quilt is going to be stunning! Thank you for the lovely springtime tour of your garden.

  8. The borders that are in progress are wonderful! Your quilt is beautiful! Just love the color combination too!