Sunday, September 1, 2013

Sunday afternoon... the first day of spring

The week has been one of those parenting nightmares from hell.  Kids... can't kill them... certainly can't live with them!  However, we have survived - the dangling carrot of a trip to The Country Yard on Saturday (kidless) for a Stitch and Chat day helped combat the extra grey hairs and frown lines.

I did indeed finish the blanket stitch on this little Tweet:

And Block 39 of the modern sampler is a little odd... but perfectly formed! That makes me caught up for the week.

Tokyo Subway blocks 21 & 22 did finally get finished, just in time for the end of the month.  September is PINK month... and Blocks 13 & 14 are under the microscope.

I also plugged away at the binding on Hometown Wagon Wheels quilt and made some good progress.
So my goals for the week were met - hooray.

What's up for this coming week?

Hand Work: time for a new project.  Well, technically not new - one of the projects from Taupo Symposium, that I've just tucked away in the too hard basket, because it needed some serious preparation.

OK, in retrospect - it wasn't that bad and I don't know why I've put it off for the last month...

We have Panel One from Flower Pots by Kim Mclean.

Not the most inspiring or interesting photo - but it does prove it is real!  I've used the bias tape maker for the stem - which needs to be hand stitched down.  I've also basted on the first two sections of the pot.  I decided to prep just enough to keep me going for the week.  This is going to be a long term project - I'm either going to get real good at hand basting and hand applique... or this thing just won't get done.

Machine Applique: I think Taupo Tiles needs another airing... do we all remember what it looks like?

Piecing: and in the piecing department... hmmm, maybe some more of Camille Roskelley's Playground Blocks using Sweetwater's Reunion line.

Janet has been a bit naughty and has been giving me tension problems.  Not all the time - sometimes she's really good - but other times, she grabs hold of the thread and just doesn't let go.  Does anyone else have problems with free motion quilting tension that is intermittent? 


  1. Oh... My heart just skipped a beat seeing the Taupo Tiles block. Stunning!

  2. Well done. Goals met is always good.
    As for Janet, is your thread getting caught anywhere? I occasionally got my thread caught in the notch on the edge of the reel - not pretty.

  3. Great stuff! Glad you have survived the kids.......but they are not teenagers yet!

  4. Tweet looks great, and CHECK OUT that Taupo Tile block! I hate tension problems. I hope you're able to find what's causing it.

  5. I hope this week is starting off better Suzanne. Great to see the progress you are making on ALL your projects!! I'll be real interested to watch your Kim M progress. Hope your tension issues are sorted? LOVE your tweets :-)Sorry to have missed you at TCY