Saturday, September 14, 2013

The Weekly Report - The Saturday Edition

I'm feeling quite chuffed with myself. FYI chuffed is a good thing :0)

It's only taken me from Easter (this year, which is not that bad) until now to get from a "lonely orphan block" to a finished quilt top.

Measuring in at 69.5" square is is not too small, and not too big... just right.

The cornerstone dilemma was solved thanks to a comment from Suz at Patchwork n Play.  The idea to form a cross that continued into the cornerstone was suggested first - but I just didn't have the fabric to play with.  In fact, I was hoping that I had enough to go around all four borders!  The second idea of a coloured square and a white circle really jumped.

Although I had plenty of leftover bits of fabric - none of them were big enough to cut four 7" squares - except the grey.  And once I'd decided that, the text fabric seemed an ideal match... it finally gave me a chance to repeat the fabrics from these earlier borders...

The way this triangle border sits with the cornerstone from the first border still irks me

A bit of history, this was the source of the original block - and I in fact bought enough white fabric to create the whole quilt.  Maybe in another lifetime...

It was from this magazine, American Patchwork & Quilting Feb 2011

An interesting side note, the hand quilting goes right through the applique pieces.

And finally I think this is the perfect quilt for this particular backing fabric

Now, a furry little visitor surprised me in my sewing room yesterday... a furry little visitor with dirty feet from digging a hole under the fence.  Thankfully the damage was not too bad (and she came to visit me instead of running out onto the road) - nothing a run through the washing machine won't fix anyway.  As Poppy is an "excitable widdler" - I was lucky that it is only dirt I have to worry about :0) and that she has quite a dainty footprint.

In other news, Blocks 46 and 47 have been completed:

And Block 48 has had it's fabrics chosen:

I haven't done any of the blanket stitch for Taupo Tiles due to this crisis situation which sort of knocks blanket stitch off my Focus List for the meantime.

As this is the third quilt top to add to the pile, I'm starting to think that I need to get my machine quilting groove on pronto, don't ya think?  Probably need to add it to the list.


  1. Great finish!! It looks fabulous, I look forward to seeing how you quilt this one.

  2. Glad there was no wee to washout!

  3. Love the cornerstones! Brilliant! Now get it quilted- it's fabulous!

  4. 'excitable widdler' had me snorting! I have one of those too and her footprints would be nowhere near as delicate!

  5. Woohoo well done Suzanne!! YOur perfectly sized quilt top looks great! I did a double take with the original photo - of course its the same block but I had to look twice!! Pets and pawprints are the bane of my sewing room too, they come in and leap up so quickly!!Thankfully though no exciteable widdlers here!

  6. Fabulous medallion quilt, Suzanne! Love it.