Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I love books

Today I survived our last trip to the supermarket before Xmas.

I also received a new book in the post - and I love it when you read through something and go, "ohh, I can do that..." and you go off and do it.  And that's what happened today.  While I have decided it would be cool to buy some new flash pens to do it - we survived with the kids colouring pencils, plain white A4 photocopy paper, cheap cards and coloured paper from The W.  And I've solved the problem of what to do for Xmas cards this year.
Nadia helped with the colouring in on this one.

Also had a lot of fun!

I had also succumbed to the temptation to buy a clothing/sewing book:
Which has a variety of skirts based on the same simple pattern...

 Plus tops, tunics and dresses based on another pattern...
And lastly a variety of coats... but it's way too hot to even think about those.

Hmm, I have started another shopping bag, and I really should be finishing those things for exhibition... but I can see some more clothes sewing on the horizon.

Garden update: our 6 carrot plants have disappeared - tops, roots and all - nothing left.  Quite possibly a bunny invasion.  I have some more seedlings ready to plant out, but will need to think about some sort of fence.  We have also eaten courgettes grated into meatloaf and bacon n egg pie.  Still have a backlog in the fridge and more to pick on the plant... more ideas required!

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