Saturday, December 4, 2010

Saturday morning madness

Well, Saturday already.  Had a bit of a sleep in and breakfast in bed while I read my Nora Roberts library book.  Chickens fed - have started to enjoy our quiet time together in the mornings when it still feels crisp outside before the humidity hits.  Have pegged out the kids togs and towels from the weeks school swimming... and put on another load.  Organised slave labour to fill up my saved toilet roll tubes with potting mix, to sow carrot seeds into.  I really dispair about my seed sowing enterprises - don't believe the books that say carrots are one of the easiest crops to start with - I have never had a successful carrot grow, in fact, I usually can't get them to do anything!   (I did splash out on the seed tape one year, which the cat then proceeded to dig up).  So, when I decided to do my big seed thing back in October, and filled up my little grow house with all sorts of things - I did eventually end up with 6 small sproutlings - which have now been planted in the big garden, and are watched and loved, uncovered when the dog decides to dig holes... you get the drift?  However, 6 carrots do not a salad make - so with my handy helpers occupied filling the cardboard tubes up, we will plant some more seeds, and hopefully have another 12 or so to plant in a few weeks time.  So OK - I'm not going to be famous for my massive carrot production, but it would be nice to have a few fresh from the garden.

I am pondering my next sewing mission.  Progress report so far: dress has had one sleeve attached and fully finished, second sleeve attached but handsewing required to finish hem and to tack lining around zip - then it just needs hemming and finished!  I am in the process of adding borders to Dylan's no longer needed snuggle quilt - and have ordered some backing fabric from Needlecraft who have a big sale going on at the moment... more about that later when my package arrives.  I have a couple more inches of blanket stitch to complete around a flower and then I will have done one quarter of my humungous floral applique quilt.  I try not to think about the entire picture with that one - just one shape at a time!  My actual quilting progress has been hampered by the fact that my sewing machine I do my freemotion and blanket stitch stuff on is presently getting serviced, so I am doing other projects on my smaller workhorse machine.  I can't wait until it comes back and hums!  I will also be trialling my new supreme slider and hoop on the next thing I freemotion so will keep you posted on these experiments.

It seems to have been a busy week but there is little to show for it.  I keep wanting to cut up new things, but I MUST RESIST!

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