Saturday, December 18, 2010

Is it February yet?

Day Three.  I'd never own a cafe, I get too frustrated when people (I really mean my children) keep asking me for food.  Yesterday, honestly, every two minutes "is it morning tea time yet?", then "I'm hungry" - went on all day.  Yet, give them two sandwiches and half a dozen crackers to take to school and they bring half of it home again.  One of the mysterys of life.

We have had rain the last couple of days - off and on - good for the ground and OK for the tank - but hell for school holidays.  I ended up turning a blind eye to wet weather antics on the trampoline (too scary to watch), and sanctioned wee's on the lawn rather than have wet children inside - until it was time for a shower and jamies.  Did help to get rid of some of the boundless energy my children seem to have although I'm not sure they inherited it from me - as I seem to have lost the last of my energy the last few days.  Perhaps it has run away with the last of my patience...

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