Tuesday, December 14, 2010

One more day of school

The kids had their prizegiving last night which was very entertaining.  Nadia got an award for achievement in literacy which was very exciting.  But we are all feeling a bit tired today - and the extremely hot weather doesn't help.
We have been and raided the roadside for our Xmas tree this year.  So far no decorations - but I have been reminded that I announced last year that the first day of the school holidays could be tree decorating day - so I guess we'll be doing that on Thursday.

We had artfully arranged sticks last year - plus a little ballerina girl!
The shelves in Nadia's room have finally been finished and they have helped to give her more space in her room.  Of course, getting her to put everything away in it's proper place will be another thing.
The top bit

The bottom bit

All a bit much for this little princess
 I have been and shopped and bought all of the bits and pieces I need to finish my list of projects.  So no excuses!  I have already quilted and added binding to my dragonfly tablerunner and the curved pieced flower so now I just need to tackle all those other projects.

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  1. Does your man know what pictures you've been posting?! That's so funny!