Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The culmination of three weeks of thinking

Today is the deadline for the fourth month of The Country Yard's Tuesday Mystery Medallion.

This round involved adding a 3" border, then a 6" border which needed to incorporate a curve of some kind.  As well as including the featured fabric.  We're now up to 42 1/2" unfinished.

After realising that three fat quarters would not a 6" border be... I had to return to my trusty shop for extra supplies.  Luckily it has been school holidays... so I had the bonus of being childless (Nana had offered to look after the kids for a couple of days... was great!).  Just as well because it was a long drawn out process. 

I decided I wanted three fabrics to make the background of the borders and incorporate the first 3" border with the 6" to make a 9" wide playing space.  Then applique a vine with leaves.  To find three fabrics that all read as background, went with what I had started with, and I liked, was very challenging.  We found heaps of two fabric combos, but just couldn't find that mysterious third fabric to make it all work.  Finally, (after going through what felt like the entire shop) Kerryn and I ended up with a winning combo.  Raewyn and Leeanne... you are not allowed to look too closely.

The sewing shed after cyclone applique has been through!

Do you make such a big mess when you do applique?  I have a big pile of fabrics that now need to be folded and put away ready for the next round.