Monday, February 5, 2018

I love goals.

Having my little list of mini-tasks from the last post really helped me focus on what I was "supposed" to be doing... and I have achieved all my little goals!  Of course, it helped that I wrote down some things that I had already done... like make the Backyard Birds block for January... but you know... it's good to have positive reinforcement and nothing like a big tick!

I've really been putting off making the backing for my 2017 RSC quilt... because pieced backing... scrappy... it was all too hard.  Laying out a few different options I pondered and added and changed fabrics until I was almost ready to proceed.

As you can see I'm laying the backing fabrics right on top of the quilt front, to see if it fits... so that explains the little checkerboards you can see peeking through.  But hello... progress!!

Each of these strips are 25" wide... it is only the photo perspective that makes it look like the orange/yellow section is so wide

Only three more seams and I will have this backing finished!  A bit of a close up of the fabrics I finally settled on... plenty of spots.

Not forgetting my other long term commitments... I made another Whanau and Friends block.  This one was called Swamp Angel.

In Stack Shuffle Slide news I settled on a fabric choice, got the binding cut out and holy smoke... sewn on!

From the back...

I added one tiny section of yellow to the binding just because I could... this was a strip cut from a leftover piece.  I also used the magic flange machine binding method again.  This was the best application so far and I am very happy with how it turned out.

Three little blocks hang off the end of the bed... and it creates a cute detail that I love.

Could not be happier with this fun binding choice.

Starting the month off strong, I pieced up another section of low volume scraps to make the February Backyard Birds block.  Then I added the bias stem... only half sewn on here, but now fully attached.  All ready to choose the applique elements.

And if that is not awesome enough... I made a pair of undies!  This was a free pattern by Megan Nielsen and although I have never been interested in sewing lingerie before... I might have been bitten by the bug!  Not even knowing there was such a thing as fold-over elastic a couple of weeks ago - I was most impressed to find our local sewing centre stocks a few colours - including this awesome green!  Perfect to go with the scraps from my tunic sewing experience last year.

The undies gusset is sewn burrito style which encloses all the raw edges... so undies are neat and tidy inside and out.  As this fabric is very low stretch - I upped the size to allow ease.  They fit perfectly and look very cool on.  Now on the lookout for more elastic options - I really want grey - and some new knit fabrics, so my butt can look awesome every day.

My goal for the next couple of days is to get those seams sewn on the backing, and start the basting process.