Saturday, April 23, 2016

May need to buy a bigger bed... [how to turn 9 x 12" blocks into a quilt over 100" square]

I have finally finished test block one for the block border/sashing treatment that I thought might work with my Sugar Club blocks.

After sewing triangles together on three separate occasions, I finally had enough to start piecing the border strips.  Wow... somehow I didn't realise it would turn out so big.  Even though it is not difficult maths, each round of border is all 3" increments, I hadn't let it filter through my brain that there would be 10 units across... meaning a block of 30" square.

Having said that, it has turned out great.  I officially love it!

Now, only eight more to complete.  With 3" cream sashing between the blocks, and a 3" border around, it is going to work out to a finished quilt size of 102".

Monday, April 18, 2016

Where things start to get chilly

It's starting to happen... things are getting a bit colder, sleeves are longer and covered in shoes are being worn.  It is starting to turn into winter.  Not that we get snow or anything :o)  School holidays have also crept up on us... so I start two weeks of "holiday" with the kids.

We actually had our first fire on Saturday night.  Then last night was the hottest night ever!  Can't win.  Although it does mean another quilt has been dragged up onto the bed.

The Cats are my go to quilt for when it's cold.  They are just so warm looking.  After lending it to Dylan last year, and then him being sick on it - it got thrown into the washing machine for the first time.  Resulting texture is so scrummy.

This quilt is pieced, but has highlights of appliqued elements - the spirals, stem and leaves on the flower blocks.  While the instructions did suggest blanket stitch, I knew that it was going to be quilted on or nothing... the scruff around the quilted line after the washing just adds to the warm snuggliness of it all.

I did manage to attend the Whangarei Guild's patchwork exhibition a few weeks ago.  While I didn't take any pictures, I would recommend looking at Leeanns blog - Quilt Whangarei on my side bar.  There were heaps of gorgeous LARGE quilts... and we all know that size does matter!

I have cut some triangles.

I hit a humongous hare with my car... so off to the panel beaters tomorrow we will go.  The hare was more unlucky...

And my kids set fire to our hedge... resulting in three trees being destroyed and a significant patch of grass being razed.  Luckily we managed to get it under control - but there was significant swearing.

As the end of term drew nearer, both kids had school discos to attend.  Dylan's was easy... he's twelve so standing around was what he was all about.  Nadia's disco was 60's, 70's, 80's and 90's inspired.  Which you would think would be easy, but was actually really hard to construct a costume for, without having to buy or make anything.  Luckily I have an extensive wardrobe... and she has feet the same size as mine.

 So while not a huge amount of sewing has been achieved, there seems to have been plenty to keep us busy.