Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Not a creature was stirring...

... well, maybe a little sewing mouse :0)

Well, the Xmas tree is decorated and the presents are stacking up.  Each year the kids choose a new decoration as part of our Xmas leadup - it makes for an interesting and totally uncoordinated, colourful tree!  Santa also makes an early delivery with some new "Santa Jamies" that get worn to bed on Christmas eve...

Time for a little reveal... well, maybe not so little.  I have finished all the blocks for the Modern Sampler!  I know, ahead of time!

The original quilt from the book:

 And my version:

I've also been adding sashing, and joining the blocks into mini four patch units.  I've got about 6 columns partly sashed already.

Some of the new blocks...

Now does the third one in, second row down irritate you?  The way the leaves are somewhat offset?

And what about the top row.. where it goes from peach to yellow/green with no blending?

Wishing you all a merry Christmas and hoping that you get something nice under your tree!

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Not quite a finish but pretty close

After a close encounter with one of those automatic flyspray devices (I won't need to worry about flies landing on me for a while) I managed to get quite a bit done on several projects.  Staying well away from the iron, I finished the last of the quilting and sewed the binding onto this one...

Kerryn - that green binding is PERFECT!  Just the hand finishing required to get this on the done pile and gifted to the expectant mum.

And look at those shadows... we have real photos in actual sunlight!  You can also see my dead plants that have looked like this for a few years now.  I plan to give these pots a bit of a makeover during the Xmas break.
I also laid out and sewed the first Tokyo Subway block for December (Block 3) and laid out Block 8 which I'm around 1/3 through piecing.  Stepping into the leader/ender spot was the Robot...

Doesn't he look handsome?  At around 18" I believe, the little bits and pieces weren't too fiddly.
And once that was done, started doing some serious sashing attachment to the Modern Sampler... watch this space!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Day One of the Rest of my life

After being left in a somewhat catatonic state after yesterdays WIP outpouring (which took me absolutely ages by the way), I approached the sewing shed this morning with some trepidation.  So many projects... which one shall I choose.  I know I'll start something new... no, no... I'm only kidding Susan... just pulling your leg!

I sat down and behaved myself, finishing this weeks Modern Sampler blocks.  88, 89 and 90 - woohoo, only ten left to go!

I also put together the outer sashing and border for the Japanese Ladies... finally... after it sitting there all unloved for the past couple of weeks :0)

I always feel like you need a "big picture" shot - to remind you all about what I'm talking about.  But - it really is terrible.  Although you can't tell that I pieced the sashing all different from the instructions now can you?

Now these colours really are bang on.

Meanwhile the Robot started to come together.

And to top it all off, I cut, pieced and pressed the binding all ready for when I finish the quilting on the Giant Chevron.  This cheerful wee dot from The Country Yard is just perfect, and I really can't wait to get this quilt completely finished.

See, I can get things done when I put my mind to it!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Fabriholics Anonymous Linky Party: WIP List

After recent threats of interventions and storming the stash, I'll admit to having a problem.  I just love to sew.  This year I started with a New Years resolution of using what I have - whether it be patterns, books, fabric or magazines.  And I've done a pretty good job of using just about everything... just not really finishing much.  I haven't considered finishing things a priority - it's been a relatively stressful year, with plenty of ups and downs - and I've found the brr of the sewing machine and the thrill of a new cutting blade have been great stress relievers.  I have loved the freedom of this past year, however all good things must come to an end!

I  need to get some things finished.  And I probably don't really need to add all that much to my stash... so maybe time for a stash diet.  Sounds like I need to join Jess from The Elven Garden along with Rebecca from Making in their 2014 Stash Diet and WIP Windup.  The theory is that if we spend a little bit less time buying new and exciting fabric**, we might be more tempted to finish up those projects we have already started or bought fabric for.  You all know there are always plenty of those aye?

As a first step, we need to identify exactly what is on the WIP pile.  Gulp.  Are we ready for this?  Loosely grouped into categories but in no particular order... a bit of a walk down memory lane...

The circles

Jelly roll Basket/Sampler

Two WIP's Turns into One Quilt

The Japanese ladies (fundraising project)

The Robots and Rockets (fundraising project)


Tokyo Subway

Modern Sampler

Tillies Lane *

Seeing Squares *
Bluebirds and Berries... or is it Birds and Blueberries????

Taupo Tiles

My Tweets

Flower Pots - Kim Mclean

Layer Cake Vase Quilt

The Piglet Quilt

The extraordinarily large hand blanket stitch applique quilt that I can't find a photo of :0) so I'll put a picture of my kids - Xmas 2011

Friends Mystery Quilt

Noel kit (not even opened yet!)

Can't even remember the name of this one, but I think there is just one block left to stitch

Giant Chevron

Reunion Playground

Modern BOM

Giant Star



Modern Applique - hand quilting

Fabric Piles (desperately) waiting to be started:
Koi bundle from Fabricworm - There's a Square In There pattern

Double trouble Adornit FQ bundle from Fabricworm - star pattern from Elizabeth Hartmans book

Wrenly fabric bundle from The Country Yard - project undecided

Bird/floral/solid bundle - project undecided

Disclaimer:  there is no guarantee that this is all the projects that exist in my sewing room and surrounding area.  

* I admit to a few other projects that were started as plodders... and I plan to continue plodding as time and circumstances allow (such as the Single Girl and Flowering Vine quilts) although I have listed Tillies Lane and Seeing Squares... which are also plodders.

** While I do promise not to buy new and exciting fabrics - I am not promising to buy new and non-exciting fabrics.  Solids or background fabrics essential to the construction of said projects may be purchased, without failing the fabric diet.

Do you have a problem??