Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Not a creature was stirring...

... well, maybe a little sewing mouse :0)

Well, the Xmas tree is decorated and the presents are stacking up.  Each year the kids choose a new decoration as part of our Xmas leadup - it makes for an interesting and totally uncoordinated, colourful tree!  Santa also makes an early delivery with some new "Santa Jamies" that get worn to bed on Christmas eve...

Time for a little reveal... well, maybe not so little.  I have finished all the blocks for the Modern Sampler!  I know, ahead of time!

The original quilt from the book:

 And my version:

I've also been adding sashing, and joining the blocks into mini four patch units.  I've got about 6 columns partly sashed already.

Some of the new blocks...

Now does the third one in, second row down irritate you?  The way the leaves are somewhat offset?

And what about the top row.. where it goes from peach to yellow/green with no blending?

Wishing you all a merry Christmas and hoping that you get something nice under your tree!


  1. No, don't pick out individual blocks to focus on! The whole thing looks great! Maybe play around with a couple of them and see if that makes you any happier? Merry Christmas- Santa is nearly here! I hope he brings you something sewing-related! (Probably not fabric.....!)

  2. No your blocks are fantastic! And just maybe the leave si a little shy...Thanks so much for sharing!!

  3. Hey! I hope your Christmas was nice. I have to say - nahh - neither place jars for me in your quilt. It's fantastic! Great plan to join the blocks into foursomes like that before assembling them all.