Friday, January 3, 2014

... 2014 - Happy New Year

It's been a relaxing holiday period so far... a bit of reading, a bit of sewing, a touch of shopping (not fabric of course, but more about that another time), visiting with friends and family... all in all, a great start to the new year.

While activities in the sewing shed have been brief, we have... a green robot...

I spent some time with my Dad who came to visit for a few days - and realised that he is the perfect person to gift my Tokyo Subway quilt to (once it's finished) as he was always a bit of a train buff, as well as being an industrial electrician, and it has always reminded me a bit of a wiring diagram so it seemed like an ideal match.  Before he left, I laid out the 23 blocks completed to see whether he liked it... how could he not???  It looks radiant!  I was very happy to see that all the "tracks" lined up between blocks.

Little Miss Nadia got a sewing machine for Xmas.  Of course, I needed to provide training and encouragement but she certainly had plenty of enthusiasm.  As I don't have the greatest patience levels (especially with my own children) I wasn't sure how it was all going to go.

This is the calm, patient version...

After a few short bursts we had a small piece all joined together... hmm, now is it going to become a cushion, bag or doll blanket?  Nadia was right pleased with herself! 

Her machine now has pride of place next to my own piecing machine in the shed, and we spent a few hours this afternoon making another pieced block.  This time she lined up and pinned her own sections and sewed her bits up without me hovering over her shoulder.  She did really well remembering all the steps and rules.  Whew... I'm not sure if I'm ready for this!


  1. Ah, they learn quickly when they are young! Maybe she could help you with a few UFO?! LOL! I think the Subway quilt is perfect for your Dad! Now, off you go and get it finished!

  2. Good to hear your new year has got off to a good start. How cool to see Nadia with her own machine - and lucky her to have a patient mum to teach her how to sew :-) The robot is so cool and great to see your subway as a whole - the colours you have used are great!

  3. You look very patient (and maybe a little bored?), probably more patient than me! Go Nadia, very awesome to see a new quilter blossom - will she get her own quilty blog next?