Monday, January 27, 2014

Design Wall Monday

Just a bit of a change on the design wall today.  I've had the Modern Sampler up for what seems like months now... it was so refreshing to take it down and lay it out on the floor instead.

This photo shows how I tend to put quilts together, first in units of four, then 16 patch units.  Only a few more seams then it will be done.
It didn't take long for other things to crop up though.

 Nadia has claimed a small section for her own blocks.  After choosing her first fat quarter pack (what a mother/daughter moment) she announced that she wanted to make a quilt!  These wonky cross blocks are perfect because she can practice her straight seams, but as it needs to be squared up anyway, it doesn't really matter too much what her seam allowance is.

I popped up the four My Tweets blocks that need blanket stitch - just in case I'm inclined to forget about them.

I also redid that first Seeing Squares block, including a few more neutrals, and whipped it together.  This is actually one of the other layouts...

I've started piecing the second block but still have a few spaces to fill.


Because I've been so good... I thought I deserved a crack at something new.  Just one block.  Until I finish something else quilting or binding or something, and then I will be "allowed" to do another block.

Well, this feature fabric has sat in my stash for at least a couple of years - so not really new.  And I had it on my list of WIP fabric piles needing a project.  I've come up with all sorts of projects ideas over the last couple of years - but nothing that has said "do it!"  After trawling through the book 100 Fabulous rotary cut quilts...  I finally found that one that I just had to start.

This is only a small portion of the first block... but I am loving it!

The original quilt had blocks which finished at 16 7/8th and had all sorts of weird measurements.  After resizing it to 18" and using my favourite easy triangle rulers...

... it was much more straightforward.  There was only one piece that measured odd at 2 5/8ths.  Easy peasy.


  1. Oh fabulous, that your daughter wants to make a quilt! Nothing you need to start putting your stash under lock & key?
    How could you forget to blanket stitch those lovely tweet blocks? They are just calling!

  2. I agree with Leeanne- those blocks are calling out to be blanket stitched! But I suppose now that you have started something new......!!!??