Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Finally, some excitement!

I ordered some backing fabrics towards the end of last year, and have been waiting patiently (or not so patiently) for them to arrive.

Today, finally, one of them did!

First up is the package from Fort Worth Fabric Studio online shop. They really paid a bit of special attention to the packaging, with the fabric enclosed in a plastic bag and then the international envelope had extra tape around all the edges.  If you've ordered fabric from the US before, you'll know that those international envelopes are not the strongest and I have had things arrive before where the cardboard was hanging onto the contents by a shred.  Inside there was also a hot chocolate sachet and some snowman stickers - plus a nice little Xmas tag.  A nice touch.  I have looked at their website on and off for quite some time, they also send a weekly email newsletter with shop news and specials - but this was the first time that the stars aligned and I ordered from them.

Right, onto the contents!

Two fabrics (4.5yds each), one pattern and a charm pack.  This shop allows up to 9yds of fabric for the smaller bags.  Luckily the charm pack and pattern in addition to the yardage didn't affect the postage charges.

I selected this large bright floral with the idea of using it on the back of the Tokyo Subway quilt.  Although it doesn't have ALL of the colours of the tracks, it does have quite a few (more importantly, all the colours in the print are in the quilt top)... and I liked the tropical boldness of it - totally different to all those regimented squares on the quilt top.

Calypso by Red Rooster

I chose this bunting print hoping that it would go with my long forgotten Swoon top.  You may remember that I pieced a huge back for this one... but in hindsight I feel like it is too dark and heavy for the airiness of the quilt.

While it doesn't look too bad with this block - it doesn't really go with the rest of the colours - which are a lot more subtle than the bunting. 

In fact, it looks better with the Tokyo Subway quilt - and also has many of the same bright colours.  However I am going to stick to the large floral as it will be more practical for its intended recipient.

Looks like this backing will need to wait for another time.

Roll on package number two!

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  1. Love the Calypso fabric! You are right about the fun aspect of it balances out the formality of Tokyo Subway! What will you do with the bunting fabric now?