Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A Confession of Sorts

For someone who makes beautiful quilts, it's a bit embarrassing to admit that for the last few weeks my bed has looked like this:

So first thing today I stripped off the upside down quilt (which actually is a beautiful pieced Buggy Barn cat quilt), reorganised things, and now it's much better!

Today is the last day of school holidays for my kids, so the rest of the morning was spent tidying, vacuuming and general organising getting ready for my return to work.

I did however to squeeze in a little bit of sewing time.  Block One of the sort of new project was completed!  Isn't it lovely?

The colours were pulled from this feature fabric (although I had long since integrated these fat quarters into the stash pile).
Included a luscious bundle of co-ordinating fabrics that were a lucky win early last year.

And added a few extra bits and bobs from the stash

Using this lovely wall hanging as inspiration... I stopped trying to work out how to include the feature fabric within the blocks (sometimes it is hard to use these super large scale prints effectively) - instead using it as the border only.

Choosing this quilt block creates the perfect vehicle to highlight all those lovely fabrics.

101 Fabulous rotary cut quilts by Judy Hopkins and Nancy Martin - Amsterdam Star
I altered the block size, block centre and scattered the fabrics throughout the triangles (instead of keeping the triangles for each block the same).  Did I mention that I really like how this is turning out?
Just in case you missed it


  1. I really like that block, your points are spot on too!
    Glad you have finally got a quilt on the bed.
    Nice roll of fat quarters :-)))

  2. Great block! That is going to be a lovely quilt! And how lovely does the bed look, made up with one of your recent finishes! I put my Rocky Mountain Puzzle quilt on my bed on Monday too!

  3. Great block! The quilt on the bed is spectacular! Love the colors and the layout!

  4. Just lovely! Your fabric choices were right on!

  5. Love what you did in the middle of each block - perfect. And I've sent off my entry so I'M DONE!! I can return to normal life!! Hope your first day back at school/work wasn't too rough.

  6. I like that block and great colour choices! Loving the quilt on the bed too :)

  7. I love the block and the colors...and your points are perfection!

  8. Very pretty star block and I like the wall-hanging too. I have a star sampler quilt in the works as well and it includes that block! (The one in the wall-hanging that is...) How are you going to use the feature fabric? Borders?

  9. Beautiful block and beautiful quilt on your bed!

  10. Love the design of the star block.