Tuesday, January 28, 2014

From millions of little bits...

... to one big bit.

Finally, the Modern Sampler Quilt... out in actual sunlight :0)

Unfortunately there was also a bit of wind, but you get the idea.

Complete with the quilt holding monkeys...
I love the fact that this quilt is made from "scraps" - leftovers bits from other projects - fond memories.  While it has done nothing to diminish that scrap pile - it has helped me to realise that it is possible to mix all sorts of styles and colours of fabric - from bright to subtle, bold to tone-on-tone.  It has been great fun and launched me onto two other scrap (busting I hope) projects.

The eagle eyed will have noticed that there is no outside sashing (yet)... I just wanted to get this progress posted, with plans to add the final sashing shortly.


  1. You should be very proud of this Suz! It looks fabulous!

  2. Just beautiful! I like your scrappy take on the quilt!

  3. It is amazing what a pile of scraps can be turned into!

  4. Wow, a beautiful quilt! Well done!