Friday, January 24, 2014

Fabriholics Anonymous - Dieting and staying on track

I've spent the last couple of weeks focusing on putting together long term quilt tops that have finally reached that "stage" of getting all their blocks finished.  Tokyo Subway is all in one piece, and my Modern Sampler is partially sashed.  I'm just at that boring bit where the thrill of new projects, new fabrics and new everything else helps to get through that monotonous bit onto the next bit.  But with a list of WIP's like mine (and having sworn off starting new projects and buying new fabric) I am having to make adjustments to the way I normally work.  Quilting has started to lose some of its sparkle... anyhoo...

... onto fabric.  Confession time... I had to buy some batting, so I bought some binding fabric.  This is for the Tokyo Subway and I think it'll look perfect, and I'm sure it fits into the necessary purchases department.  While it is pretty, it is a struggle to describe the purchase as exciting though.

I also received a late Xmas present... a Hoffman Bali Charm pack and bag pattern :0)

 Isn't it yummy?  This is a Parfait set... and much more exciting... looks like you could eat it.

Thanks Monika.  It might just turn into something that looks a little bit like this... if I am ever allowed to start a new applique project.  I think I bought this pattern about this time last year.

Talking about applique projects, long term readers will remember the My Tweets quilt (started late 2011?), in which progress has been relatively quiet practically non-existent this year.  This morning I finished fusing another block...

And the blocks so far.  Two blocks need machine blanket stitch.

For a bit of variety, and sticking to projects that are on my WIP list, I've added a few more scrap tiny square blocks to my Seeing Squares  pile.  This is one of the larger units that combines the smaller units into a 12" block - just to get some idea of how it is starting to look together.  Haven't decided yet whether to swap out some of the coloured squares (leftovers from the Tokyo Subway) for neutral solids to give it a bit more airy feel.

Any thoughts?

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  1. Oh! No new fabric and no new projects!? You're determined!

    Congrats on sticking to your diet! And making progress on your to-do list!

  2. I feel for you. I love starting new projects! However the ones you have on the go are fabulous. As for the blocks, I think you would have to swap a couple out, take a picture then see how you like it. I love how it looks now.

  3. yes the pull of new projects can be pretty strong :-0
    Tweets is one worth trucking on with if you want my 2cents worth, it is just lovely!

  4. I like your fabric for seeing square. Very bright and colorful.

  5. wow that applique pattern is really pretty! i totally get the feeling of in-progress boredom but i bet when you have a few finishes you'll feel great.

  6. Almost through January already and great progress is being made- congratulations on being so focused!

  7. Whew... No new fabrics is a hard one to stick by, I can imagine. I think a few solids would look great in the square quilt... They will emphasize the focus on the patchwork end squares.

  8. Good on you for getting things done and not buying new fabrics. I am totally in the same boat as you :).

  9. See, there is some benefit to having a lot of WIPs and UFOs - when you get bored there is always something else to switch to. I love your projects.