Saturday, December 21, 2013

Not quite a finish but pretty close

After a close encounter with one of those automatic flyspray devices (I won't need to worry about flies landing on me for a while) I managed to get quite a bit done on several projects.  Staying well away from the iron, I finished the last of the quilting and sewed the binding onto this one...

Kerryn - that green binding is PERFECT!  Just the hand finishing required to get this on the done pile and gifted to the expectant mum.

And look at those shadows... we have real photos in actual sunlight!  You can also see my dead plants that have looked like this for a few years now.  I plan to give these pots a bit of a makeover during the Xmas break.
I also laid out and sewed the first Tokyo Subway block for December (Block 3) and laid out Block 8 which I'm around 1/3 through piecing.  Stepping into the leader/ender spot was the Robot...

Doesn't he look handsome?  At around 18" I believe, the little bits and pieces weren't too fiddly.
And once that was done, started doing some serious sashing attachment to the Modern Sampler... watch this space!


  1. Great finish......this quilt might be one I make at retreat next year. Cool looking robot.

  2. I want a giant chevron on my bed. Did Hubby comment on your new perfume?

  3. The Big Zig is a looking great! One less UFO on the pile- great job!

  4. I agree - the green binding is great! And your Robot is awesome! Close encouters with the automatic flyspray thingies are bad news!! And we already knew there were no flies on you, mate!

  5. they both look fantastic! yay for some progress!