Monday, December 2, 2013

Just teasing...

What I got up to this weekend.

I emptied this 2L ice cream container last weekend... it's almost full again of scraps small enough to be counted as rubbish.

Tokyo Subway progress... December is dark green month.  Blocks 3 and 8 are the target blocks this month.

I also spent some time putting things away... the stash cupboard is back to being in some sort of colour order (although it doesn't look half as exciting as what it looks in real life).

And I made the final few decisions about how the Giant Chevron baby quilt was going to look... orange, grey, turquoise, dark blue and green.  Perfect for a little BOY quilt... bubs had it's photo snapped last week, luckily I played it safe and kept away from that pink stripe.

The ironing station also had a makeover... the annoying legs were removed and the top attached to a shelving unit... Perfect!

I did get some sewing done too...

To Be Continued...


  1. Yes, it's funny! We can be very busy in the sewing room without having to do any sewing at all!

  2. LOVE the giant chevron, great gift for a baby.
    Yes hours can go past in the sewing room & not one seam sewn! It's a good feeling, a bit like cleaning the oven, only more exciting :-)