Tuesday, December 3, 2013

And so it continues...

... as promised, I did get some sewing done too.

The Modern Sampler blocks were not ignored:

And this one belongs to this current weeks lineup.   Not so modern... a good old nine patch!

The little ladies are all lined up in a row several rows... and completely sewn together.

I've cut the sashing for the outer perimeter... and sewn the short ends together.  Just need to cut the correct lengths, add a final border and get this one done and dusted.

Just exactly how many quilts can you overlap on your design wall?

Looks like four!

And photo bombing this one are some new little Tillies Lane units.  Currently sitting at 3.5" (it doesn't really count as a new project when it's a leader/ender project does it?) it just takes a smidgen of scrap fabric to cut the pieces.  They are so cute.

AND the Giant Chevron is all one piece and ready for backing and quilting decisions.  I cannot recommend this pattern enough... simply terrific.  Jess is onto a winner with this one, it can be purchased on  Craftsy or Etsy

I had quite a bit of fun with the fabric selections...

Choosing one black for the bottom section... tiny flowers

And another for the top section...

 And no I haven't forgotten that I was discussing possible options for the binding on the Reunion Playground quilt.  This red is pretty close.  And probably the only thing in my stash that looks even half way decent.  Of course, it is a moot point, as I only have 13" when I really need 18.  The hunt continues...


  1. Bring that chevrons along on Friday will you? I want to ooh and aah!

  2. Lots of positive progress happening at your place! I wonder which one will get finished first?

  3. Really like the Chevron, can it purchased as a PDF?