Monday, November 21, 2011

Another Weekend... another BOM Start

My Tweets - Block One
November has started off cracking with new projects.  Whoops - did I decide at some point in time that I should be concentrating on WIP's??  The less said about that the better.  I had a lot of fun visiting new blogs as comments were left on mine as part of Freshly Pieced WIP Wednesday link a couple of weeks ago.  I also found a new project, with Erin Russek's "My Tweets" programme through who run a Monday BOM's Away link up thingee.  While My Tweets has been running all year, I've just downloaded month 11, and have just got block one together - with blanket stitch still to do.  It's very different from the original (which I also love) - but by using the Japanese Taupe fabrics I already need for the Bluebirds/Berries BOM - I can at least feel like I'm getting two for the price of one... and it's very soft and pretty.
Did I really not put a white strip inbetween the first two cabins?

I finally finished putting together the pieced back for my log cabin stars quilt.  Whew - what a mission.  Firstly it is huge (90x105), secondly I ran out of scraps/left overs of white on white... and was unwilling to cut into my stash (well, I might need it!)  But I did... and after a quiet afternoon of sewing, had the back finished.  A few more afternoons and it was sandwiched, and now I am making great progress with the quilting.
The log cabins will have the interlocking boxes...

and the friendship stars have loopy flowers - some are more square
than others.
I am still undecided about what to do in the large white areas.  With the quilt being so big I don't really want to do an all over design - but the white areas really need something significant to hold it all together.  Any ideas??  Please let me know!

Just incase you need a memory refresher? I know it's been
a while!


  1. I *LOVE* your fabrics for My Tweets! Very subtle and sophisticated look. I'm so lazy and deluged with other projects, that I'm just using the same color scheme Erin did in its design. Yours will be much more personal. :)

  2. Hi Suz, told you I would get back to you for a good read :-)! I LOVE what you are doing with the My Tweets BOM... I wondered how Erin's work would look in different types of colourways and I am so impressed. Also like how you have done the flowers in the friendship stars blocks but sorry I'm not very good on ideas for the white areas quilting.. I'm still at the stipple stage with my quilting!

  3. I love the bird/vine block, I would love to do that, I will have a look and see if I can find it.
    What about loopy stars using a variegated thread, or are getting good at them remember.Depends whether you want a modern or classic look.