Friday, October 5, 2012

I had to make a list...

I've just had so many things whirling around in my head at the moment - I needed to write it down (on an actual bit of paper) to keep track of it.  Once it had been written down - magically, I could start doing some of it!

First up was to piece and quilt my challenge wall hanging.  Binding all done.  Yay, one thing crossed off the list (although I do still need to sew on my label).

This quilting was really good practice for some of my other applique projects.  Doing this tight quilting was much harder than expected - and I knew that I was crap at echoing around the shapes.  More practice required!
Next I needed to put my attention to quilting a raffle quilt for the Kerikeri Guild.  Quilting polyester batting is never my favourite task - and even though it isn't the largest quilt in the world (smallish single or largish kids throw) and I did a fairly loose all over pattern, it blunted two needles!  Have you ever had problems with this?  Anyway, cross that off the list too.
This unisex quilt is bright and cheery - although it did do funny things to my eyes!
Next is Gail Pan's BOM Block 7 and 8.  Once I had Blocks 1 - 6 up on the design wall, I figured it was just as easy to start putting together the last two blocks together, instead of just concentrating on Block 7.  It's all about balance, as I decide where fabrics need to be repeated or avoided.  Progress is... slow but steady.  Once the backgrounds been decided I can add the details at my leisure - when I get sick of doing some of the other things I am in the middle of.

See there is progress - I've cut the background pieces!
No photo of the Circle blocks - but I've got 5 finished - so that means only four to go!  Over half way - then I can add sashing, and woot, just like that, it'll be finished.  Or added to the pile of other things to finish :0)

The other major project to rear it's ugly head so to speak - is my Buggy Barn cat quilt.  This one has been hanging around for several years now... yeah, it's one of those ones!  I finally finished getting it pieced last year and bought a brushed cotton as the backing fabric.  As I drove away from the shop, I knew I hadn't bought enough.  I washed and dried it - and put it all away.  Until yesterday, when I went a bit mental and pieced the backing, and crawled around like a lunatic doing the pin basting.  Then I left it (did some circles) and returned to it this morning, ready to put the hopping foot back on and start quilting the devil.  It's going to be a long job.

Another project that has sat on hold for a while is this one. 

It's so old it doesn't even have a name.  This started as a pattern I really liked in a American Patchwork magazine, but once I'd made the first block - I wasn't really interested in making any more, and wasn't sure what to do with it.  So it all sat in it's basket. 

Isn't this basket cute?

 Then I saw this book - which has 20" blocks, and since my lonely block is 25" I can easily scale it up to fit... now it all has a purpose and I just need to find the time to actually do it!

Just needs to be funked up with my funky fabric selection.

I am going to do this!  It is on my list!  Although I do need to give it a name... any suggestions?

And last of all, Nadia's had a bit of an image change with the appearance of a fringe!  No more hair in the eyes - and it does frame her face beautifully.

Whew, it's been a busy Week One of the holidays.  I wonder what is going to happen in Week Two??


  1. I'm a list writer from way back! There is something very satisfying about crossing all those jobs off! I love your un-named orphan block! It would make a lovely cushion if you didn't want to make more!? And the Gail Pan is nearly finished.....well, sort of!

  2. You make me tired just to read through your blog with all your projects and sometimes I think I am crazy!! Nadia looks so much older with her new hairstyle ... love it.

  3. I remember that block from waaaay back! And as for names - you've already named it - forgotten funky fabric flowers ;)

    And echoing what Kerryn says, your list makes me tired too (but then I'm tired to start with so you make me exhausted...).

  4. 'A' for achievement - well done on getting through your list!!Love Charlotte's name for your block!! Happy weekend sewing!!

  5. Nadia's fringe does look nice.
    Wow you are really getting some stuff done! I like the quilting on the challenge quilt....the Buggy barn cats looks great too.