Thursday, June 26, 2014

Getting There

Fitting in quilting around work and children isn't always the easiest.  And you don't always feel like doing the things you know you should be doing.

My mission lately has been getting the Tokyo Subway quilted.  DONE.  And bound.  ALMOST DONE.  But it wasn't without it's moments.  When you just finish quilting one of these big quilts, the last thing you feel like doing is dragging the whole thing around to add the binding.  And believe me, Monday after work (and after the parent/teacher conference after school), I really didn't feel like doing anything that looked like binding.  So instead I cut my strips, sewed them together and ironed the fold.

Tuesday is my work late day... and another parent/teacher conference after that.  So Nil progress.

Wednesday, I machine sewed the binding on, but left the tails unsewn... and finally Thursday, trimmed and joined the tails, sewed the last section down and trimmed the excess batting/backing.

Now it's just the hand stitching left to do!

Quilting really is just a series of steps.  Quilting on a large scale just takes longer... but it's still basically the same steps.  This is really just putting off starting the hand stitching :0)

Have a great Thursday, whatever step you are up to...


  1. At least you are slowly getting there with the binding - one step at a time!! My Thursday step was cutting and arranging and my Friday step will be piecing! Hopefully Saturday step will be quilting......!!!

  2. Every little step is a step in the right direction. My steps are remaining as flexible as possible, because life is never predictable, so go with the flow.

  3. I'm waiting anxiously to see this quilt, Suz. I think it will be fantastic and worth every little step of the way.