Monday, July 21, 2014

The Problem with International Postage

Apart from the cost, is that you never know when it's going to arrive!

Pre holidays... I had a couple of weak moments.  You know the ones... "this item on your wish list is on special..." or guess what, one of your fav shops has a special on top of a special... but it was OK, because the fabric diet was *almost* over, and it was going to be school holidays, when I desperately need new reading material, new material, or just anything new.  The weather was appalling... perfect for curling up with new books or for playing with new project ideas.

BUT it just didn't work out that way.  The books arrived in unsatisfying dribs and drabs... with the fabric and the last few books coming just a day before school and work started back.  Grrr.

So a round up of online international purchases... drum roll please...

First up... the books.  Book Depository is my friend.  Not necessarily my Visa's friend.
 Key words: Bright, Applique, Fun.

The cover quilt in full

Fabric... when life gives you bundles on  special... Pink Castle Fabrics is my friend too.

Savannah - love the bright (but not too bright) citrus colours and the slightly retro feel...

Color Love by Nancy Rink.  This one is a little more out of my comfort zone - look people, Pink! and Navy!  I love the feature floral, and I'm sure the others will grow on me.  One of the joys of buying a bundle.  I'll have to try taking a better photo...

And a few odds n ends... including more of that feature floral.  Which I love.  Did I mention that?

I'm still feeling unsatisfied.  I think I over-anticipated how great/perfect it was all going to be/feel.  Does that ever happen to you?

I'm also sick, and have just had the first day back at work after the holidays.  Some things just suck.


  1. Sometimes I find it takes some time for all the loveliness to sink in. When there are so much new fabric I pay less attention to every single print and it feels less satisfying than buying only a fq or two. That being said you got some pretty awesome fabrics there... And books too ! Feel better soon :)

  2. Like the look of the Stack, Shuffle and Slide book. Are you feeling unsatisfied because they didn't all come in one glorious mail drop? I think the dribs and drabs can be either a pain, because they don't arrive when you want, or wonderful, because you forgot you ordered them and you get a nice surprise in the mailbox.
    PS, I like the pinks......

  3. You got some beautiful fabrics! And Stack, Shuffle, and Slide is sitting prominently on my Amazon wish list (not a friend to my DISCOVER - sure can relate to that!). Delivery delays sure can affect your excitement. I'd creatively fold the fabrics up in cute groups and let them sit in 2 or 3 places where you'll see them and they can give you some smiles during your days while you mull over what project to indulge in first. :D LOVE every book you ordered.

  4. Still looks like a pretty exciting splurge from here. Hope you get well soon!!

  5. Too much of a good thing perhaps? Or that letdown feeling like at Christmas, when the waiting is over? Anyway, rest up, read your books, plan some quilts and get well soon!