Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Breaking Radio Silence

After two busy weeks having everyone at home, hubby has gone back to work, and it's just me and the kids home during the day until almost the end of January.  Second day in... seems do-able :o)

I have a few Xmas photos to share:

Nadia looking glamorous...

Dylan looking goonie...

The little things that touch your heart...
 The mess when it's all over :o)

This year I went for the gift that keeps on giving... magazine subscriptions for everyone!  With the first editions wrapped up - there was plenty to keep everyone occupied as the weather turned not so flash.

I haven't done much sewing over the last couple of weeks.  Although I have finished quilting all the applique blocks on Imogen's quilt.  You can really see the quilting from this angle from the back.

I've also quickly put together the boy version cot quilt top... although no photo to show, and made good progress on the magazine submission quilt.  Although it has all been very relaxed and cruisy.

The kids have enjoyed the time with their dad home from work, and have spent a lot of time at the beach and playing with their scooters at various skate parks.  I've spent an enormous amount of time reading and have recently got hooked on the KGI series of books by Maya Banks.  These books are available to purchase on PlayBooks and I also discovered a few free versions on line.  Maya Banks writes covering a wide genre... a bit of shapeshifting, paranormal stuff, there is often a maiden in distress and a big guy (or guys) who come to her rescue, but there is also some seriously sexually explicit stuff (just warning you) if you were to randomly choose one of her other books or series - the KGI series is pretty tame in comparison, based around a big family in business together, love stories with big hulking gorgeous men with muscles of steel and hearts of gold, who meet and fall for the love of their lives.  Of course we all know that love never runs smoothly... and each book covers a different couple and their own struggles.  I'm whizzing through the series and dread when I get to the end... I just want it to keep on going... sign of a good book.

OK, well, I'm off to the Woman Cave to get some sewing done... no sign for me this Xmas... maybe next year.


  1. Looks like a good Christmas! Creative New Year to you.

  2. (Blogger ate my comment argh!) Happy New Year!!! Good to see you all enjoyed the break:) Haven't figured out still where my sewing machine will go when it arrives but in the meantime I have been oogling the kindle version of Vintage Quit Revival... Xoxoxo

  3. sounds like a great deal of fun over Christmas, I remember when the girls were young how we all enjoyed it so much

  4. You definitely need a "Quilting Cave" sign Suz! Your quilting looks amazing!

  5. Great to see your post and see your Christmas went well - you all sound very relaxed and happy! Your quilt looks great from the back! Happy New Year!