Saturday, February 27, 2016

Back by popular demand

Hey there everyone!  Long... long time, no talkie talkie.

Well, what have I been up to?  Not much.  I have read, and read... like I did when I was a teenager, to the exclusion of all else, and have turned somewhat hermit like.  But boy, have I been enjoying it.

I have been having the odd sneaky patchworky moment... so figured it was time to start sharing again.

Last year I did very little sewing.  I did finish the train quilt I was commissioned to make.  Although it was three months past deadline and went from being a birthday gift to a Xmas one!  This started as a colouring page... which grew into something about 75" long x 55" wide.  It was major and just sucked the life out of my quilting mojo.

I used one of the freaky stitches on my sewing machine that I've never used before to emphasize some of the applique elements.  This three step straight stitch worked really well for these wooden planks.

I also got my quilt pattern published in Down Under Quilts.

Does anyone remember this secret project?

With Monika moving back to NZ, our trans-tasman block exchange became a much more local version.  I had dramas with the fabrics for this exchange... long story, but finally got underway over Xmas.  This block did end up finished...

And this was Monika's version.

Today I went to my favourite shops New Years Launch - this is where The Country Yard showcase new projects for the season... have a very lady like cup of tea and munchies... and I catch up with friends.  So a few new fat quarters came home with me, and no, they have no purpose at this stage.

And those patchworky moments are centred around my Sugar Club blocks.  I think I have an idea I would like to develop, but I'm not ready to reveal too much at this stage.

Exciting huh?  I'll make a huge effort to be a bit more ME this year.  Hope you stick around.


  1. Welcome back ... we have missed you xx
    Good to see you today, hope you found a little inspiration and enjoyed your jaunt to The Country Yard

  2. Of course I'll stick around! A magazine publication- good for you!!! "Star Crossed" is gorgeous! What a lovely palette of green you have used- not too Christmassy for those of us celebrating during the Summer! I need to find a copy of this one Suz! See you soon!

  3. Love your pattern, Star Crossed. Congrats on being published. Glad to see you are back on the blog scene.

  4. Ok what the great books you have been reading?
    Congratulations on the Star Crossed being published too.

  5. Nice to see you round blog land again. I'd love a list of some of those books too, always looking for new good ones to add to the to-read list. I like seeing the two versions of yours and Monika's blocks and I'm looking forward to your ideas regarding your sugar club blocks.

  6. Great to see you're back :) been thinking about blogging & sewing & catching up....

  7. Great to see you back online!! And maybe even a bit of sewing mojo happening :-) Well done on the published design...I'm interested it didn't kick start your mojo back then? In spite of the blood sweat and tears your train quilt looks fabulous!!