Tuesday, March 29, 2016

A bit of everything

It's been a while since I had a "what's on the bed" photo.

At the moment it is my Echoes of Log Cabins at the Beach quilt.  I love this quilt.  Like seriously.  Love this quilt.  Mostly I think it is the soft blues and greens in the quilt - a hint of grey, mostly solids, but a few bold basic prints also.

The colours just appear amongst the cream and sand background fabrics, almost floating, almost as if there is no pattern... and it is totally abstract.

But of course, I know there is a pattern, although at first it is not obvious - and for some reason my brain doesn't require that I recognize the pattern - in that way that sometimes you need to see a pattern to be able to understand a quilt, recognize how the pieces fit together.  It's interesting.  I think maybe the soft, soothing colour palette puts that part of my mind to rest.

I have a few more blocks to add to my block exchange.

I really like this Tea Leaf block - and think it would be a real winner for a totally scrap quilt.  You know the ones, made entirely from your own scraps.  This block is 12" but a 9" block would probably play with scraps a bit nicer - you could work your way through the rainbow... using the same background and centre square for each block.  After some of those other paper pieced blocks, it was nice to put together a block that just falls into place!

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  1. Pretty quilt and very 'you' in terms of colours. Cute blocks, you have some nice piecing going on there.