Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Beep Beep! Done Done!

I had a finish day in the back of my mind of Monday (yesterday), as this was hubby's first day back at work and it would have been nice for him to take it to his workmate at the start of the year.  But really, I didn't think that would give me enough time to quilt and finish binding... but it was a good goal, and encouraged me to keep at it.  And you know... today I finished the last little bit of hand stitching on the binding and sewed on the label.  Woohoo - my first finish of 2017!

We have a floor shot...

A close up of FM quilting... a mid size stipple that fits in nicely around the shapes but is still pretty quick to get done...

A bit of a binding shot... I decided to use some of my fabric scraps and had random lengths along with some larger sections of grey to give it a bit of space...

A shot of quilt holder-upper extraordinaire  getting his pose ready... note how he keeps the quilt up nice and high off the ground.

And yay... no wind!

And a little bit of wind.
Now I can shift my focus onto some of my other goals for January...


  1. Great finish Suz! Love the outside shots, and the 'outakes'!

  2. Yay, well done, looks great! And well done for training your quilter holder upper extraordinaire - you might need to help me train one in my house??

  3. Woot woot well done!! The quilt has turned out well - what a great finish!

  4. Tell Davey he's got great 'quilt legs'! Quilt looks awesome too!